The well-known producer Yana Rudkovskaya denied the information that she, together with her husband, two-time Olympic figure skating champion Evgeny Plushenko, tried to lure Alina Zagitova from Eteri Tutberidze's team.

According to her, the fragments of the correspondence with the gold medalist of Pyeongchang that got into the network are reliable, but the messages are "taken out of the general context."

“I don’t see the words“ train ”there, and even less any negative in someone's direction.

Last year, Alina talked to me about the transition and possible participation in our shows, but decided to stay where she wanted to leave.

We did not advertise this!

She was underage then.

Now I have received information that Alina will find out what kind of atmosphere we have in the academy.

Perhaps it would be interesting for her to cooperate with us in some of our shows, not only in Russia, but also abroad.

And we - with her.

I wrote: if we are needed, we are open ", - quotes Rudkovskaya" Sport-Express ".

The scandal erupted due to messages published in the stories of the official account of the Tutberidze team on Instagram.

The screenshots capture fragments of the correspondence between Zagitova and Rudkovskaya, during which she invites the Olympic champion to cooperate with Plushenko.

“Hello, Alinochka, Evgeny Viktorovich asked me to tell you that he is waiting for you, and so am I.

We are opening a skating rink in the Moscow region in November and in Moscow in March.

There will be a lot of ice and specialists too.

There are many foreigners.

We are open and in touch, ”Rudkovskaya writes, attaching photographs and videos from new facilities.

In turn, Zagitova politely thanks Rudkovskaya for the attention shown, but declares her decision to continue studying with Tutberidze.


Thank you for the offer, but I will stay with Eteri Georgievna, ”Zagitova replies.

It is not surprising that in light of the transitions of Alena Kostornaya and Alexandra Trusova to the Plushenko Academy, the story around Zagitova acquired a wide resonance.

Many fans were outraged by the fact that another famous athlete is trying to take away from the Tutberidze group, even if she has suspended her career.

However, there were also those who criticized the publication of personal correspondence.

Rudkovskaya herself also expressed bewilderment over what happened.

“Alina and I are subscribed to each other and sometimes correspond.

Alina, for example, asked questions and asked for advice on the Japanese wellness techniques that I advertise.

I don’t know how our private correspondence fell into the wrong hands.

And who did she get to, who took possession of her.

I hope this did not happen at gunpoint or with the phone torn from my hands, ”Rudkovskaya said.

The conflict between the teams of Tutberidze and Plushenko entered the active phase at the end of 2019.

Then Zagitova was also at the epicenter, announcing her temporary retirement from sports.

The two-time Olympic champion expressed the opinion that the pause in performances may be due to the athlete's desire to "decide on the coaches" and did not rule out that she could follow the example of Evgenia Medvedeva and switch to another specialist.

The Tutberidze camp reacted harshly to this by posting a message on their Instagram page.

It said that Plushenko did not raise a single famous athlete, so he "cannot be called a coach."

In addition, even then he was charged with trying to "buy" ready-made skaters, in particular, Zagitov.

It was noted that for the sake of attracting her, Evgeny tried to humiliate his competitors, but in the end this did not give results.

Judging by the words of Rudkovskaya, in Plushenko's team, such things are much easier.

She expressed the opinion that Zagitova herself has the right to decide where and under whose guidance she should train.

In addition, the producer assured that she herself would never publish someone else's correspondence.

“Alina is not a serf, she is already an adult girl, an adult.

Recently, a presenter on television.

Not entered at any competitions at the moment.

What questions?

Life just on figure skating does not end, at least for me.

I have my own version of all correspondence, but I will definitely never publish it anywhere, since I am a law-abiding citizen.

It's a shame that there are such illiterate citizens for whom laws are not written.

I hope that their lawyers will explain Article 138 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation to the headquarters.

In between their workouts, ”added Rudkovskaya.

At the same time, Plushenko's wife expressed the opinion that both sides need to stop conflicts and take up the education of skaters of the highest level.

She also did not rule out that, in the event of an appropriate proposal, she would allow her son Alexander to perform on the Tutberidze show.

“As we know from Zhenya Medvedeva, everything impossible is possible.

If her (Tutberidze. -


) headquarters offers an interesting advertising contract to my son, I will give good interest.

I'm open!

I don’t know who is in the storm the most.

But everyone needs to relax and live peacefully.

Train, not intrigue, ”said Rudkovskaya.

Subsequently, Plushenko himself commented on the situation with the publication of personal correspondence between Zagitova and Rudkovskaya.

He not only expressed bewilderment at the current situation, but threatened to retaliate.

“We work again and don't bother anyone!

Headquarters, and headquarters, are you there quite cuckoo?

Here you are storming!

Should I take a reciprocal step so that you finally feel ashamed of all your actions ?! "

- wrote Plushenko on Instagram.

It is worth noting that the tension between Plushenko and Tutberidze has been growing for a year and a half.

One of the first episodes occurred in February 2019, when Plushenko supported specialist Alexander Volkov and questioned the professional qualities of a colleague.

He expressed bewilderment that Eteri is considered a "super trainer", despite the absence of adult figure skaters in her team.

Finally, relations between the two camps deteriorated in 2020, when the bronze medalist of the European Championship Alexandra Trusova, and then the gold medalist Alena Kostornaya, alternately moved to the Plushenko group.

Both cases caused a serious response and were accompanied by not the most pleasant comments from the former mentors.

So, the choreographer of the Tutberidze team, Alexei Zheleznyakov, assessed Trusova's decision to change the team extremely negatively and called it "betrayal."

As for Kostornaya, this time Tutberidze herself told the details of the situation.

She noted that Alena put forward a number of requirements that did not suit the coaching staff.

In particular, the skater provided a list of colleagues with whom she did not want to go on the ice.

In addition, the reigning European champion agreed to start working with Plushenko back in May, but notified the mentor only at the end of July.