Bernard Laporte defends his record before the next elections.



Entangled in his legal setbacks after his indictment as part of a preliminary investigation into suspicions of favoritism and his alleged links with the Altrad group, Bernard Laporte took care to draw an open letter to French rugby clubs.

Inside, the boss of the FFR denounces "a coordinated campaign of destabilization [which] is falling on French rugby".

According to him, his police custody by the national financial prosecutor's office just ten days before the elections for the presidency of the FFR (of which he is a candidate for re-election) is not trivial.

Bernard Laporte, Serge Simon and Mohed Altrad placed in police custody via @ 20minutesSport

- 20 Minutes Sport (@ 20minutesSport) September 22, 2020

"I disturb because I succeeded"

“It is a real coup attempt, the motivation of the authors of which is beyond doubt.

All of this is part of a real rather nauseating electoral strategy.

(…) In this conjunction of calendars, I can only see a design.

The press campaign around this convocation will be skilfully orchestrated to create a bad buzz in the media.

It's written, ”he says in his mail.

"This media tribunal has only one objective: to present myself in your eyes as guilty without the possibility of defending myself and ignoring the presumption of innocence, a fundamental right protecting us all", he continues before defending his record and to point the finger at the competing list led by Florian Grill.

"I am disturbing because I succeeded, with you.

I disturb the professional world, which I forced to contribute jointly to the amateur world, and which would very much like to see me fall for the benefit of a more malleable team, not to say servile, ”attacks the former coach of the XV of France.

For those who doubted it, the electoral campaign is well and truly in full swing.


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