The girls say it feels like a loss.

Is that also your feeling?

- The feeling is as you think, it is always like that when you have the lead and think you should keep it.

You never know until it's over how much this point means.

Maybe it was this one that was absolutely crucial, Gerhardsson answers.

He was happy with the score but not with the performance.

- I can feel satisfied with the points while everyone thinks I feel that we could have done better and something we hoped for.

Group final again in Gothenburg 27 October

Sweden and Iceland are superior in the group and there are many indications that the meeting at Gamla Ullevi on 27 October will decide the group.

- It was a point today and we have to count it in and analyze it and make sure to be able to make a better effort and win against them at home.

There was no play in the cold and wind in Reykjavik with the snow-capped mountains as a backdrop.

- The feeling is that it is a lot of struggle, enormously very fixed situations.

There was a very bad rhythm in our game.

It was a bit uncontrolled passing game from our side and they are aggressive and do well, says Gerhardsson.

Sweden also has to face the battle bag Latvia and Slovakia before the qualifiers are over.

- It will be a clean final against Iceland on October 27, says the expert Markus Johannesson.