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This Tuesday, researchers from Facebook Reality Labs developed a technique to try on clothes virtually by superimposing them on a photo or video.

This Tuesday morning, we innovate in the virtual fitting.

We will be able to put the clothes of a catalog on any of our photos.

It is awesome technology that can transfer clothes from person to person in photos.

Classic scenario: you are on your mobile, looking at photos of your favorite muse on Instagram.

Suddenly you like an outfit.

You want to know what you look like in it.

So you click on the photo.

Then you choose any photo of yourself and he will replace the clothes you wear with those the muse wears.

It's bluffing.

Do you have to have the same build and take the same pose?

Not at all.

It even works on videos.

That is, you can spot a piece of clothing in a catalog and see yourself walking around with it in one of your own videos.

It is a technology of researchers at Facebook Reality Labs.

They use artificial intelligence techniques to separate the silhouette from the garment and then redraw them.

It is not perfect: if you take a photo of yourself lying down, it will be difficult to put on the new clothes.

But it works great with a full-length selfie in front of your mirror.

Is this something we can already try?


Even if, for now, it is only a research tool to validate the technology.

The objective will be to integrate it as a virtual try-on option on online sales sites.

And since these are Facebook researchers, Instagram belongs to Facebook… You should soon be able to try on the outfits of your favorite influencers.

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