The doctor and the physiotherapist of Nairo Quintana were taken into custody.



At the start of the turmoil after the opening of an investigation for suspicion of doping and the detention of two people, the Arkéa-Samsic cycling team emerged from the silence on Monday evening.

According to Emmanuel Hubert, general manager of the Nairo Quintana team, “a search did take place last week in our hotel, as I have already confirmed to various media.

It only concerned a very limited number of runners, as well as their close entourage, who are not employees of the team ”.

"The team, its general manager as well as its staff, currently quoted in the media, are absolutely not questioned and consequently are not kept informed of any element from near or far, relating to the progress of the investigation , which I remind you, does not target the team or its staff directly, ”he continues.

According to information from Le




, the two people held in custody are relatives of the entourage of the Quintana brothers, Nairo and Dayer (the personal doctor of the star of the Arkéa-Samsic team and his physiotherapist).

Hubert remains cautious and waits to see

If he says for the moment fully supporting his runners, Emmanuel Hubert does not exclude changing his speech according to the elements provided by the investigation.

"If it turns out that at the end of the current investigation, the elements confirm the veracity of doping practices, the team would immediately dissociate itself from such acts and would immediately take the necessary measures to put an end to the links that could unite them with unacceptable and always combated methods, ”he warned.

"Indeed, concludes the French manager, the team member of the MPCC, movement for a credible cycling, has always over the last twenty years demonstrated its attachment to ethics and taken a position in favor of the fight against doping" .


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