Luis Suárez has come under fire in Italy for trying to obtain an Italian passport.

The Uruguayan is suspected of cheating on his entrance exam.

Various Italian and Spanish media have documents from the Italian police asking questions about the validity of Suárez's exam, who needed an Italian passport to make a transfer to Juventus.

The FC Barcelona attacker would have been informed in advance of the questions in the language test, so that he also had the answers ready.

Suárez would have taken the so-called B1 test in just twenty minutes, while it normally takes two hours.

In addition, Suárez's final score was reportedly set before he even started the exam.

The police in Perugia, the city where the former Ajax player took his much-discussed test, are now investigating teachers who work at the university in question and who may have played a role in the alleged fraud.

The transfer from Suárez to Juventus will not take place anyway, because the procedure to obtain a passport took too long.

The 'Old Lady' is about to take over Álvaro Morata from Atlético Madrid instead, while Suárez is just facing a transfer to the Madrid.

The 33-year-old Suárez has been playing for Barcelona since 2014, but may leave the club of trainer Ronald Koeman partly because of his high salary.

He was previously under contract with Nacional in his native country, FC Groningen, Ajax and Liverpool.