From September 22 to October 7, 1990, the 11th Asian Games was held in Beijing, China. This was the first comprehensive international sports competition held in China.

The Asian Games are successful and everyone is looking forward to the Olympics.

  The Beijing Asian Games has also become the memory of a generation, and the image of the panda "Pan Pan" still enjoys popular support.

  Thirty years ago, behind the successful holding of this sports event, there were unknown hardships.

The process of bidding for the Asian Games is full of difficulties. Facing the Japanese delegation whose economic strength is much higher than its own, how can Beijing turn the tide? With weak infrastructure and less than ten years of reform and opening up, how can the Asian Games venues be completed in four years; the Asian Organizing Committee accepts The letter and a piece of hexagonal money that I arrived revealed to us the touching memories of those years.

  The familiar melody of "Asian Heroes" sounded, once again evoking a generation of memories of the Beijing Asian Games.

  (Edited by Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]