• The article.When sportsmanship tastes better than a podium: "I stopped, he deserved it"

  • The organization. The Santander Triathlon awards third place to Diego Méntrida for his "noble gesture at the finish line"

The Madrid triathlete

Diego Méntrida


that his gesture was born from awareness, from sports culture, from knowing how to lose.

The British

James Teagle

had snatched him third place in the Santander triathlon in the race segment: the podium was his.

It did not matter if he was on the wrong track a few meters from the finish line, his obligation was to let him pass.

"Unconsciously I stopped", admitted Méntrida, who saw what happened as the most normal thing in the world.

But it wasn't.

Wow, if it wasn't.

As soon as ElMundo.es published the article on how Méntrida had given the honors to Teagle, the young triathlete became a protagonist on social networks, where he received the applause of hundreds of thousands of people from multiple countries.

The last?

Actor Will Smith, who shared the ElMundo.es video with his almost 50 million followers through Instagram and left his comment.

"Wow! Full screen integrity. When the Spanish triathlete @diegomentrida realized that the Briton @james_teagle had taken the wrong path just as he reached the finish line, Diego waited for him to take the place he deserved. 'I was all the time for He deserved it, '"wrote Smith, who added two million views to the video with his post, and provoked the emotion of Méntrida himself, who thanked him for his words.

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Smith's publication was the latest in a viral movement that caused the ElMundo.es news item to exceed four million interactions on Twitter and close to one million on Facebook, among other data.

In fact, so many reactions led Méntrida himself to a general response, surpassed by the universalization of his gesture.

"I wanted to thank all of you who are writing and supporting me after the gesture in the Santander Triathlon. This is something that my parents and my club @triatlonecosport have taught me since I was little. In my opinion it should be considered as one usual situation. I never thought that something like this would go so far and be echoed in so many media. But it is a pride to receive so much affection ", the triathlete published on Instagram to close an avalanche that began unconsciously, as if it were the most normal of the world.

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