Photo courtesy of the organizer.

  China News Service, Beijing, September 21 (Li He) On the 20th, the 2020 China·Yanqi Lake Paddle Board Open held in Yanqi Lake, Huairou, completed the entire schedule as the Dragon Board Race closed.

After two days of competition, Wang Shengren, Xu Jian, and Liao Wancong won the men’s youth 200m race, men’s master 5km race, and women’s elite 400m technical race respectively. Other competitions were also decided. Final result.

  According to reports, Huairou, where the event is held, has a superior ecological environment, abundant mountains and water resources, and air quality has always maintained its leading position in the city.

There are 19 A-level scenic spots in the district, and the total number of boutique homestays has reached 378. It has been rated as the capital's first choice for citizens' leisure travel for many years.

The organizer stated that although it is impossible for spectators to watch the game on-site and experience the picturesque landscape in person due to the epidemic, through media reports, the outside world can see the charm of paddleboarding and the beauty of the Yanqi Lake International Conference. Huairou has added the paddle board this new "check-in content".

Photo courtesy of the organizer.

  "It's very interesting. I think it's similar to surfing. We can learn a lot in it, and we can also play on the water." Wei Ziwen, a teenager contestant, happily described the experience of participating in the paddle board competition.

  Sun Mu, a contestant in the adult group competition, told reporters: “This is a whole-body sport, and in the water, there is basically no damage to all parts of the body. It is a sport that you can compete with yourself. It is particularly relaxing and capable. enjoying the moment."

  Regarding the popularization and development of paddle boarding, Li Ruilin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Water Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, said: “As far as we know, paddle boarding is the most popular traditional water sport at present, and there are many enthusiasts. It is not only suitable for Professional athletes are especially suitable for elderly friends and teenagers. Therefore, we hope to show the charm of paddleboarding to the society through this paddleboarding competition in Yanqi Lake and attract more fans to participate in paddleboarding activities."

  This event is hosted by the Water Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration and the People's Government of Huairou District, Beijing. It is the first national-level paddle board event held in Huairou District.