Andrea Pirlo, also new to the club, also praises the Swede's playing effort.

- He did it in the best possible way, not only through goals, but also by doing the hard work in pressure and counterattacks which then benefited the team, he says.

The Swede got, perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, to play from the start directly in the premiere.

But the magazine La Gazzetta dello Sport addresses the main concern that now arises for Pirlo.

Against Sampdoria, star Paulo Dybala was missing due to injury and rumors say that Juventus will also recruit striker Edin Dzeko from Roma.

Then not everyone will have a place in the starting lineup and after Kulusevski's debut it has probably become more difficult to poke him.

CLIP: Kulusevski's dream start: Goal after 13 minutes

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Dejan Kulusevski's dream start: First goal after just 13 minutes