Welcome to the Eredivisie live blog.

Here I, Robbert van der Linde, will keep you informed of the developments in today's duels.

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  • Ajax-RKC


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  • ADO-Groningen 0-1

  • Willem II-Heracles 4-0

  • Feyenoord-Twente 1-1

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk · a few seconds ago

Dusan Tadic watches as his half bicycle kick comes in at the far post.

The Serbian makes the first goal in the Johan Cruijff Arena of this Eredivisie season.

On the left we see Zakaria Labyad, who a little later thought to take the second hit.

However, that goal is disallowed due to a violation by Martínez prior to the attack.

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk · 5 minutes ago

15 '

Goal Ajax rejected!

The VAR asks referee Nijhuis to judge a duel between Efmorfidis and Martínez in the run-up to the goal.

After seeing the images, the arbiter decides that the defender of Ajax is committing an offense and therefore rejects the hit that fell from the subsequent attack.

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 7 minutes ago

13 'GOAL Ajax!


It is very easy at Ajax, which is not hindered by RKC.

Dusan Tadic is now important with a 'front assistant', with which he steers Antony deeply.

The Brazilian then puts on Zakaria Labyad, who can easily tap in.

7 minutes ago

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 10 minutes ago

10 'GOAL Ajax!


There is the quick lead for Ajax.

A bet by Quincy Promes is still blocked, but the ball then bounces towards Dusan Tadic.

The captain of the team from Amsterdam sends the ball with a kind of standing bicycle kick towards the far corner, where his bet bounces in through the post.

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 10 minutes ago

9 'Labyad shakes off his direct opponent with a nice body movement.

However, he also gives the ball where he should have shot himself, because Tadic had not counted on that.

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 11 minutes ago

8 'With a good pass, Kudus finds Antony, who, however, decides to put it back instead of shooting himself.

There the Brazilian should have been a bit more selfish.

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 12 minutes ago

A very strange and rare statue in the Johan Cruijff Arena: the entire F-Side is empty today.

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 13 minutes ago

At the beginning of August, Ajax won 6-1 against RKC in a practice game.

The Amsterdam goals were then in the name of Lassina Traoré, Jurgen Ekkelenkamp, ​​Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (2x) and Antony (2x).

Of those players, only the Brazilian summer purchase starts in the base today.

13 minutes ago

15 minutes ago

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Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 17 minutes ago

Just like all other stadiums this weekend, the Johan Cruijff Arena also has to make do with a limited number of supporters present.

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 18 minutes ago


RKC has set the ball in motion.

Will the Waalwijkers take their first point (s) of the season, or will Ajax come six out of two?

Feyenoord-FC Twente 25 minutes ago

Berghuis: 'It really has to be better'

Steven Berghuis is very disappointed that he does not get further than a 1-1 draw against FC Twente with Feyenoord.

The captain of the team from Rotterdam is particularly disappointed by the missed opportunities in injury time.

"Of those last three chances, at least one has to go in. I blame myself, it's just a shame", said Berghuis, who did not want to blame the loss of points on that.

"The field game was bad for us today. Low pace, little initiative. Again it was not convincing, that happens more often with us. If you still pull it over at the end, you can still be satisfied with the result. We really have to do better this season. "

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk 27 minutes ago

In ten minutes Ajax and RKC will close the Eredivisie weekend.

At 4.45 pm the kick-off takes place in the Johan Cruijff Arena.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 30 minutes ago

A big smile at Ron Jans after the draw against Feyenoord.

The coach starts the season with FC Twente with four points from two matches.

30 minutes ago

Feyenoord-FC Twente 32 minutes ago

Feyenoord does not pass fiercely FC Twente

FC Twente has one point left from the game with Feyenoord.

In De Kuip, the Tukkers are even the better team in the first half and they also take the lead via Vaclav Cerny.

Steven Berghuis brings Feyenoord alongside before half time with a utilized penalty kick.

An exciting battle ensues in the second half, although it takes until the final phase before opportunities arise again.

Luciano Narsingh and Berghuis, among others, have opportunities to still deliver the three points to Feyenoord, but Twente is holding out with some art and flying work.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 36 minutes ago


Feyenoord does not pass FC Twente in-house and must be content with a point.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 37 minutes ago

90 + 5 'What a huge opportunity for Feyenoord to make it the winning one.

Fer lacks the power to take on Berghuis, who would otherwise have been alone in front of the goal.

Willem II-Heracles Almelo 43 minutes ago

Lightning start after half time gives Willem II victory over Heracles

Willem II has taken the first league


of the Eredivisie season.

At home, the Tilburg team is too strong for Heracles Almelo, 4-0.

The first three goals fall within six minutes of the break, when Willem II completely waltzes over Heracles via hits by Vangelis Pavlidis, Görkem Saglam and John Yeboah.

In the final phase, Pavlidis makes the victory even better for the Tilburg team with his second goal of the afternoon.

Willem II-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

84 'GOAL Willem II!


Willem II has taken the goal hunger from Luxembourg.

Vangelis Pavlidis is completely free and therefore has plenty of time to take a rocker from Mike Trésor and shoot in the far corner.

The Greek makes his second goal of the afternoon.

an hour ago

Feyenoord-FC Twente one hour ago

77 'Feyenoord brings new attacking forces with Róbert Bozeník and João Carlos Teixeira.

The latter makes his official debut for the Rotterdammers, can he immediately be of value?

Feyenoord-FC Twente one hour ago

70 'The second half in De Kuip is a lot less fun to watch than the first.

This is mainly due to Feyenoord and FC Twente themselves, they both play very sloppy.

We have not actually been able to note great chances yet, the teams now mainly have to rely on their fighting spirit.

Willem II-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

70 'In Tilburg the storm of Willem II has subsided a bit.

The home team does have a firm grip on Heracles due to the 3-0 lead.

Willem II-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

A lightning bombardment by Willem II, who scored three times against Heracles in the first seven minutes after the break.

Feyenoord-FC Twente one hour ago

55 'The game image in De Kuip after the break is very similar to the first half.

Feyenoord has a lot of trouble with the fierce Twente and plays too sloppy to really worry the Tukkers.

an hour ago

Willem II-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

53 'GOAL Willem II!


What was in the tea of ​​the Tilburgers during half time?

Or rather, was there a sleeping aid in Heracles?

After the break, the visitors let themselves be completely trumped by Willem II, who came to 3-0 via John Yeboah.

The substitute simply plays Jeff Hardeveld off and scores in the short corner.

Ajax-RKC Waalwijk one hour ago

Ajax and RKC Waalwijk close the second round in the Eredivisie in Amsterdam at 4.45 pm.

Mohammed Kudus has taken his first starting place with the home team, while the Argentinian Lisandro Martínez replaces his suspended compatriot Nicolás Tagliafico.

Line-up Ajax

: Onana;

Mazraoui, Schuurs, Blind, Martínez;

Alvarez, Promes, Kudus;

Antony, Labyad, Tadic.

Willem II-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

51 'GOAL Willem II!


Willem II suddenly knows how to score goals again and sees Görkem Saglam double the margin.

The German midfielder is much sharper on a rebound than the Heracles defenders and taps in.

Feyenoord-FC Twente one hour ago

46 'Haps breaks through on the left and reaches Jørgensen with a low cross, who lays back to Linssen.

However, the flank player gets the ball just too much under him and therefore misses the goal.

Willem II-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

47 'GOAL Willem II!


Where the entire first half was plodded by both teams, it almost hit immediately after the break.

Vangelis Pavlidis is not tackled as he approaches the target and then decides to shoot.

The Greek striker places the ball accurately in the far corner and thus breaks the spell.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

Pol van Boekel gave Feyenoord two penalties within the minute, to the incomprehension and anger of the players of Twente.

However, there is little to be said about both penalties, although it is understandable that the Tukkers react frustrated.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago


FC Twente is certainly not inferior to Feyenoord and even gets the most chances in De Kuip.

The Tukkers even take the lead within two minutes via Vaclav Cerny, but sees the home club come alongside via a penalty from Steven Berghuis, after he already misses one.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

45 + 2 'Danilo still gets a free shooting opportunity to lead Twente into halftime with a lead, but Ajax's mercenary gets off balance and aims.

Willem II-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours ago


The exciting moments are scarce, the chances are even scarcer and goals are completely absent at Willem II-Heracles Almelo.

No wonder that the teams visit the changing rooms in Tilburg with a 0-0 score.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

Joy, but certainly also relief at Steven Berghuis, after he did use his second penalty.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

41 'Panic in the back at Twente when Drommel suddenly lets go of an innocent-looking cross.

He is rushed to the rescue by his defenders before a Feyenoord player can punish the scrabble.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

Joël Drommel is disappointed.

The FC Twente goalkeeper is first the hero by grabbing a penalty kick from Steven Berghuis, but has to give in on the second attempt from eleven meters from the Feyenoord captain.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

Steven Berghuis concentrates for one of his two penalties.

He will miss the first, but the second is a hit.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

38 'In the meantime, Eric Botteghin has taken a seat.

The defender who has returned from suspension cannot continue and must be replaced.

Bart Nieuwkoop comes in for the Brazilian and will play right back, Lutsharel Geertruida takes over Botteghin's place in the center of the back.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

36 'Twente has not been taken aback by the curious equalizer and is threatening via Menig.

The attacker comes dribbled in again and places the ball just wide.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

29 'GOAL Feyenoord!


Now it is a hit from eleven meters for Steven Berghuis, who, just to be sure, hits the ball high into the corner with the speed of sound.

This time, Joël Drommel has no chance to avoid the equalizer.

It have been three crazy minutes in De Kuip, but the score is the same again.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

29 '

Penalty Feyenoord!

Berghuis wants to build for the rebound immediately after his missed penalty kick, but is slipped by Pleguezuelo.

Referee Van Boekel puts the ball on the spot again, Berghuis gets a second chance.

Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

28 '

Feyenoord misses a penalty!

Normally, a penalty kick is a job that you can leave to Berghuis.

The bet of the Feyenoord captain is not even that bad, but Drommel is in the right corner and prevents him from scoring.

2 hours ago

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Feyenoord-FC Twente 2 hours ago

27 '

Penalty Feyenoord!

Geertruida slips past Oosterwolde, after which the left back of Twente grabs the right back of Feyenoord showy.

Just like last week, Feyenoord receives a penalty kick against PEC.

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