Sumo Autumn Basho Day 9 Ozeki and Takakeishō play against Kiribayama in the flat curtain September 21 at 6:18

Sumo Autumn Basho will be on the 9th and 21st to the second half.

Ozeki and Takakeishō, who suffered their second loss on the 20th, will face Kiribayama in the flat curtain.

In the autumn place, there are no wrestlers with 1 loss, such as Ozeki and Takakeishō, who lost 1 on the 8th day of Chunichi, lost to Tochinoshin, an experienced Ozeki player.

Nine people, including Sekiwake / Shodai and Terunofuji, who won the championship in the previous place, lined up with two losses.

It is the first time in 17 years since the 2003 Nagoya place where 10 people lined up that 2 losses will be the top without all wins and 1 loss after Chunichi.

On the 21st of the 9th day, Takakeishō will play against Kiribayama, the 5th frontal player who lost the previous place.

There is no problem if Takakeishō can visit the opponent firmly, push the characteristics, and see the opponent without rushing.

Kiribayama, which has been doing well with 2 losses so far, will bite by attacking from the side as well as the previous place, and if you can turn it, you will have a chance to win.

Similarly, Shodai, who lost two, is the best of Sekiwake with Daieishō.

The sharpness of the witness is higher than that of Daieishō, but Masayo wants to catch the hit and bring his body into close contact, calmly attacking.

Terunofuji, who won the championship in the previous place, has also lost two games so far after finishing the match against three or more roles, and on the 21st, he will play against Hokutofuji, the second player in the front.

If the development goes down against Hokutofuji, which has a strong hit, it will put a burden on the knees, so it is ideal for Terunofuji to step firmly in the presence and take a quick turn.

Among the other two defeated wrestlers, Takayasu and Wakatakakage, Kotoshoho and Abusaki will face each other directly.