In July, Rissveds had his second concussion in less than a year.

Rissveds took his Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 as a 22-year-old, but then suffered from depression and eating disorders and was off the racetracks for two years.

She made a comeback last year and won a World Cup competition, among other things.

Long uncertain start

At the end of July, the accident occurred again, when she crashed during a training session and suffered a concussion.

Because of that, she was for a long time unsure whether it would be the start of the Swedish Championships in Gothenburg, but it did and she took her eighth Swedish Championship gold.

- I do not cycle to win.

For me, it was fun to come here without expectations, she says, and says that new competitions await soon:

- I have decided to run the World Cup next week and the World Cup in early October, even though I myself feel that I will not do myself justice.

I think I'm pretty good but I do not really know.