China News Service, September 20th. In response to foreign aid Tay Lawson on his personal social platform on the 18th, he posted extremely disrespectful photos and remarks of the Chinese people. The Fujian Men’s Basketball Team released the "Fujian Xunxing Basketball Club on Foreign Player Lawson "Declaration on Related Matters" announced the club’s decision: in accordance with the regulations of the CBA League on the registration system of foreign players, it will no longer sign the "Foreign Player Employment Contract" for the new season.

The CBA League official WeChat account also reposted the statement with a text that read: “Beyond victory or defeat, there must be respect.”

  A few days ago, Lawson posted a video on his social media. The text and pictures involved were full of insults to Chinese women and extreme harm to the Chinese people.

After the video was released, heated discussions on the Internet caused many netizens to question Lawson's personal qualities.

  Not long ago, it was also revealed on the Internet that Lawson called loudly in a cafe and caused dissatisfaction with surrounding customers. After being reminded, he had verbal conflicts with many customers.

This video also had a very bad impact on Lawson's personal image.

  According to US media reports, Lawson has left a "notorious" many times when he played in the United States.

In 2013, the pregnant girlfriend accused Lawson of domestic violence, and the latter was also arrested.

  In 2015, Lawson was arrested twice for drunk driving, and the NBA also suspended him for two games.

In the summer of 2017, Lawson, who was under 30 years old, fell to the point where he could play without the ball. A reporter wrote bluntly at the time: “Everyone knows that Lawson’s struggle on the court is probably due to alcoholism.”

  In August 2017, Lawson came to the CBA across the ocean and joined the Shandong Men's Basketball Team.

Hand in hand with the pinnacle Ding Yan Yuhang all the way to the playoffs.

However, facing Zhejiang Guangsha in the semifinals, Lawson only scored 14 points in the tiebreaker and made 6 turnovers. Shandong also lost the game and missed the finals.

Soon, Lawson returned to the United States and was signed by the Wizards.

Some media broke the news that Lawson had packed his luggage before the tie-break and was ready to go to Washington to join the Wizards.

  The CBA league actually does not lack efficient foreign aid, but the growth of the league is not only about performance on the court, but also requires athletes and coaches to set a good benchmark for the CBA.

Obviously, Lawson, who is regarded as the core of the team, failed to do this. His successive criticisms have proved that he lacks due respect for China, and lacks some responsibility for basketball and even his career.

The decision of the Fujian Men's Basketball Team not to renew with it is well understood.

  In response to the improper remarks made by foreign player Tai Lawson on September 18, Fujian Xunxing Basketball Club issued the following statement:

  "Ty Lawson represented the club in the 2019-20 CBA season. His contract with the club expired after the team’s last game last season. At present, although the club has the right to renew the player’s priority , But did not sign the "Foreign Player Employment Contract" with Ty Lawson for the 2020-21 CBA League."

  “In view of the fact that Ty Lawson’s inappropriate remarks on his personal social platform on September 18 are inconsistent with the club’s long-standing social responsibility and core values, it has caused serious adverse social impacts on the club and the CBA league. The club decided : According to the regulations of the CBA League on the registration system of foreign players, Fujian Xunxing Basketball Club will no longer sign the "Foreign Player Employment Contract" with foreign aid Ty Lawson for the new season."

  "This incident has also sounded a wake-up call for the club. The club will further strengthen the education of athletes in terms of ideological quality in the future, create a positive environment for the league, and contribute to the sustainable and stable development of the CBA league." Finish)