Apart from a small miscalculation at the end, 28-year-old Tove Alexandersson ran a flawless race and finished in a time of 34 minutes and 28 seconds.

- It went well until the penultimate check, where I made a real mistake.

I knew where the control was somewhere but it was a small depression that the screen was depressed in.

However, the mistakes did not cost her much, even if it weighs on her somewhat.

- I walked around and thought and searched and thought that it must be here and finally I found it.

It had gone very well until then, so it felt a bit awkward to make that mistake.

Otherwise it would have been a really, really good race.

After an eleven-month break in competition, the Swedish elite is back in the forests this weekend, when the Swedish Championships in medium and long distance are decided in the forests outside Gothenburg.

Tove Alexandersson, ten-time world champion, was disappointed after Friday's qualifier, where she was third.

- I usually have a hard time focusing when there is a qualifier and nothing applies.

Today, however, she showed world class again - even though she is not in top form.

- I feel that I am a little more in training period so the form is completely okay, but not topped in any way, she told SVT Sport yesterday.