Al-Dossary: ​​The postponement of the league confused the clubs in their signings

6 teams search for 7 foreign players 16 days before the end of the registration

  • Ryan Mendes moved from Sharjah to victory in the strongest internal deals.

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  • Hamad Al-Dossary: ​​"The clubs have been patient in their contracts to find the right player."


Six teams, namely: Al-Jazeera, Al-Nasr, Al-Wasl, Ajman, Fujairah and Hatta, continue to search for seven foreign players to complete their lists in preparation for the next season, before the summer registration period ends on the sixth of next October.

The Arab Gulf League teams had concluded a number of deals with foreign players, while the super deal was absent so far, and other teams relied on contracting foreign players from teams within the league through sale or loan, such as Al-Nasr, who decided to contract with the Sharjah and Cape Verde player, Ryan Mendes, and Baniyas, who obtained the services of the Al Dhafra player, Brazilian Joao Pedro, through a loan, and Sharjah, who restored his player Wilton Suarez from Al Wasl.

Al-Jazira club announced, before, that it is possible to play next season with foreign players only, relying on a large group of citizen players, if it cannot find strong deals, while Al-Nasr is looking for an offensive midfielder, which is the case that applies to Hatta, Ajman and Fujairah. Al-Wasl, and the latter is looking for a replacement for the Brazilian striker, Wilton Suarez, who returned to the Sharjah team based on negotiations between the two clubs.

Last season witnessed many crises resulting from the cancellation of the league, new contracts, and travel conditions due to the Corona virus, which forced the clubs to seek the help of agents of players from abroad to terminate their deals with distinguished players, in addition to reducing budgets in some clubs, which affected the quality of players. Who will be hired in preparation for the next season.

For his part, the players' agent, Hamad Al-Dossary, confirmed that the postponement of the Arab Gulf League confused many clubs, adding: “We do not know what time the tournament will return, in addition to the postponement of the league with the presence of tournaments already existing outside the Emirates, besides the existence of time. Sufficient until the end of the summer restriction period, they made the clubs patient in their contracts to search for the right player.

Al-Dossari said to Emirates Today, “There are European and Asian championships currently being held, and clubs may be in agreement with a player who participates in these tournaments, and his contract is nearing completion with his club but he plays official matches, so why do I sign him early when I don’t know when the Gulf League championship will return?” Arabi?

In addition, the player's presence with his outside team contributes to raising his technical and physical levels, as the strong matches he plays are better than his presence in training.

He added, "The clubs are now choosing carefully without rushing, in addition to the lack of clarity of the club’s budgets. There is some apprehension among the sports councils and clubs because of the postponement of the league, which made the clubs’ budgets unclear. "

He continued: “There is also an important reason, which is the difference in the work of the technical committees, the club president wants a player and the vice president does not want him, the coach wants a player and the technical committee refuses, which impedes the work of the clubs, and sometimes as a player’s agent, he sent the player's CV to a coach, and he wants it and the club’s vice president. He also wants him, but the club president does not want him and says I will sign the foreign player. ”

He explained: “The postponement of the league and the lack of clarity regarding the tournament made the clubs very confused, and there is a state of hesitation spread among the clubs in contracting with the foreign player and paying his salary, and the league may not play, or be postponed again, which may make the clubs hesitate to settle the rest Deals ».

Al-Dossary indicated that Al-Jazira club may announce its contract with one or two foreign players during the coming period, and there is negotiation with a number of players, but it may be satisfied with its citizen players if it fails to reach a super player.


October, the date of the end of the summer registration period for the Arab Gulf League clubs.

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