China News Service, September 18th. On the 17th, the International Tennis Federation announced that the former Women’s Tennis Team Federation Cup will be officially renamed as "Billy-Jane-Golden Cup" next year to commemorate the development of this woman’s tennis. Pioneer.

Image source: ITF official website

  The 76-year-old Billy Jane King has won 12 Grand Slam women's singles titles and led the US team to win the first Confederations Cup in 1963. She is also the founder of WTA.

This women's tennis team competition has developed into the largest annual international team competition in the field of women's sports. A total of 116 national teams have signed up for the 2020 competition.

  Billy Jane King said that he is honored to be the title of the Confederations Cup and hopes to promote the development of women's tennis in the world: "We started 63 years later than the Davis Cup, but we also The initial 16 participating countries have grown to 116. We have the same prize money as the Davis Cup, which also conveys an important message about equality to the outside world."

  Billy Jane King won the tournament trophy 10 times in his career, which is also the first in history.

Among them, 7 times were won as a player, 4 times as a team leader, including one as a player and team leader.

Billy Jane King was awarded the Confederations Cup Outstanding Achievement Award in 2010 and became the first Confederations Cup ambassador in 2019.

  ITF Chairman David Hagerty said: "From 1963 as a member of the U.S. team to participate in the first Confederations Cup and win multiple championships, to the establishment of WTA and becoming the first chairman, to becoming the first to be awarded the United States The female athlete of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Billy Jane King has never stopped pioneering. Today, she added a'first' to this list. The new name of the event is for all her achievements. Salute, and will continue to inspire future generations of players and fans."

  Under the new finals format, the 12 best performing national teams will compete in Budapest, Hungary for a week to compete for the world championship.

  From 2021, the brand-new Billy-Jane-Golden Cup will be awarded the largest prize money in the women's team competition in the finals, which is equivalent to the prize money of the Davis Cup finals.