On October 29, the World Cup orienteering final was decided in Guangzhou, China.

Tove Alexandersson had already secured her sixth straight World Cup title, and two months earlier took three World Cup golds in Östfold, Norway.

After that, the competitions have been bright with their absence due to the corona pandemic that swept the world.

Tove Alexandersson herself was forced to refrain from training for seven weeks in the spring due to heart problems.

She does not know if it was covid-19 she suffered from, but was eventually able to resume training little by little.

And now, this weekend, the first competition of eleven months awaits when the orienteering championships are decided in Gothenburg, a competition that SVT broadcasts.

"Did not nail many checks"

When the qualifier was decided on Friday, ten-time world champion Tove Alexandersson unexpectedly finished only third, 1.51 behind Lisa Risby who was fastest.

- It has gone really bad actually.

There were not many checks that I nailed today.

It was quite awkward and crunchy, says Alexandersson to SVT about the effort and the terrain.

Alexandersson believes that the training during the summer has not been focused on performing at its best this autumn.

- I have focused mostly on basic training and put the training more towards the winter and next season.

I feel like I'm a little more into the training period so the form is perfectly okay, but not topped in any way.

REPORTAGE: Tove Alexandersson enjoys the training summer (July 8)

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Report: Tove Alexandersson enjoys the training summer