On April 30 of this year, the Cádiz City Council announced the opening of a "participatory" and "democratic" process to decide the new name of the municipal soccer stadium, the 'Nuevo Estadio Ramón de Carranza'.

It was the chronicle of an announced event, under the Law of Historical Memory.

Not in vain,

Ramón de Carranza

was a mayor of the Cadiz capital between 1927 and 1931, appointed by

Miguel Primo de Rivera

and later, by the Franco regime.

"In the choice of the new name, the Cadiz population and Cadismo will participate," the City Council said in a statement.

What they did not have is trolling, via email, which would reach them by orchestrating an initiative that has turned against them by changing the rules of the game and suppressing, without prior warning, any proposal that entails a proper name.

The reason?

That the most voted have been 'Ramón de Carranza Stadium' (the same one that is intended to change);

'Carranza', '

Santiago Abascal

' or '

Francisco Franco


The announcement of the process took place in April, two days after the death of

Michael Robinson

, a sports communicator who was a director of Cádiz CF and a lover of the team, its fans and the idiosyncrasy of a city that, with his disappearance, showed its condolences by initiating a spontaneous movement in social networks so that the stadium, if it proceeds to change, bears his name.

Joke or disaffection

Then, the City Council explained that "that of Michael Robinson is a possibility that may be on the table when it comes to addressing the final decision, like many others that are very significant, although what this Government Team would like is that the new name arises and is born from the participatory process that involves the people of Cádiz and Cádiz, and Cadismo ", indicated the Government Team. Later, on July 26, the City Council announced the opening of receipt of proposals by email .

The initiative continued its course during the summer, with its defenders and detractors, as many believed that the name Carranza for a stadium and a Trophy had already transcended the Francoist character.

Either by spontaneity, joke or disaffection, the truth is that the proposals have ended up settling the accounts with something that has never counted on either the Cadista fans -except for the Yellow Brigades- or the yellow club itself.

In fact, the Cadista club refused to participate in the process as the stadium was municipally owned and understood that it was up to the City Council governed by

José María González 'Kichi' to choose

or articulate any system to resolve the name change.

Previously, Cádiz CF had registered as a trademark 'Estadio Carranza', something impossible to do if the name 'Carranza' were contrary to the Law of Historical Memory.

More than 200 proposals

And Cádiz, or the people of Cadiz, or those who have participated in the process by email, have chosen as the most voted names for the stadium those of 'Ramón de Carranza', 'Carranza', 'Francisco Franco', 'Santiago Abascal' and even '

Teófila Martínez


The truth is that the most supported by mail were, with more than 600 mentions, 'Ramón de Carranza Stadium', and 'Carranza Stadium';

with more than 200 proposals :, 'Francisco Franco Stadium' and 'Santiago Abascal Stadium';

with more than a hundred matches, 'Estadio

Mágico González

' and 'Estadio Tacita de Plata'.

Names like 'Michael Robinson' (50);


Manuel de Irigoyen

' (45) or 'Mágico' also appeared.

And with fewer proposals, 'Teófila Martínez' (36) or 'Wanda Metrobocuñado'.

Among them some generic names slipped, of which La Tacita de Plata, (119 mentions), Bahía de Cádiz (77), Nuevo Mirandilla (57), Gadir (52), Ciudad de Cádiz (56), Gades (27) , De la Laguna (19) or La Pepa (17) are the ones that will finally be likely to become the name of the Cadiz stadium, despite the fact that the City Council announced in July that there would be between three and five finalists and now in September they are eight.

The municipal intention was initially "that citizens participate in the participatory process for the election of the new name of the stadium, that different alternatives are considered in it and that it is Cádiz who chooses the name of the stadium in their city." It is important that the citizens participate. social agents, cadismo, the Historical Memory Platform and the opposition, "emphasizes the Government Team, who advocates that the decision be taken" in a transversal and democratic way. "However, the commission, meeting a few days ago, decided on the fly and by voting to suppress any proposal for a proper name. And therein lies the crux of the criticism: that never before had it been stipulated that proper names were not worth, taking into account that the spigot was opened with that of 'Michael Robinson' .

Discard proper names

The argument of the City Council to suppress 'Estadio Carranza' or 'Carranza' has been based on the fact that when talking about 'Falla' it is understood that they refer to the composer and not to a Valencian ninot, for which Carranza would violate the Law of Historical Memory ... like that of 'Francisco Franco', all three in first, second and third position, respectively.

But the same does not happen with that of 'Santiago Abascal', located in fourth position.

Hence, the Consistory chose to propose during the meeting to reject all proposals for proper names, something that came forward thanks to the five votes of the City Council itself, those of the Department of Contemporary History of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UCA, the of the College of Doctors and Graduates in Philosophy and Letters of Cádiz, those of the Yellow Brigades and those of the Association for Human Rights of Andalusia.

He only had three against: those of the Association of residents of La Laguna, where the stadium is located, the Federation of Peñas Cadistas and the Defender of the Cadista Subscriber.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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