Two Slovenes in the first two places in the general classification of the Tour de France: the Grande Boucle had never known such a situation, as is currently the case, with Primoz Roglic in yellow and Tadej Pogacar just behind.

So necessarily, Slovenia ignites, as Europe 1 noted on the spot.


You had to be quite a connoisseur of cycling to have the names of Primoz Roglic and Tadeï Pogacar in mind less than three weeks ago.

Since then, the two Slovenian cyclists have firmly established themselves, in that order, at the top of the Tour de France standings, and there is a very good chance that they will climb on the podium in Paris.

Suddenly, a whole country is living in full euphoria: Slovenia had never known such a reign on the Grand Boucle.

A country of barely two million inhabitants, which therefore lives thoroughly at the moment behind its two champions, as in the capital Ljubljana, where Europe 1 has visited.

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"It's really, really crazy! We are very proud" 

One more day in yellow for Primoz Roglic, one more day in heaven for the Slovenian supporters, gathered by the dozen in this bar in the capital during Thursday's alpine stage.

Yellow jersey on the shoulders, Petra saw a daydream.

"It's extraordinary. We all expected Roglic to do something, but both," the boss of the bar still wonders.

"With Pogacar attacking all the time, it's really, really crazy! We're very proud. We watch them every day, we shout, we encourage them ..."

And TV audiences have exploded: + 109% compared to last year.

It is said that one in three Slovenians watch the race at the end of the afternoon.

Some have adapted their working hours ... or more.

“I took a week's vacation. Just to watch the Tour!” Nejc smiles.

"What they are doing is great for Slovenia. The whole country is behind them."

"Even my mother, at 62, now knows everything about the bike" "

It must be said that two champions at the top of the bill, for a country with 1,600 licensed runners, it's unheard of.

The subject is of all conversations.

"They make history", exults this forty-something.

"Even my mother, at 62, now knows everything about the bike", shifts another.

The fever promises to be at its peak until Sunday.

Some bars have even planned fireworks if the historic double is confirmed.