Sumo Autumn Basho Day 6 Ozeki Asanoyama wins three consecutive victories and splits the stars into five minutes September 18, 19:12

Sumo Autumn Basho is the 6th day.

Ozeki Asanoyama, who had been late for three consecutive losses from the first day, defeated the powerful Myogiryu, and from the fourth day he returned the star to five minutes with three consecutive victories.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Shimanoumi is pushed down by Shimanoumi in Ichinojo.

▽ Both of the new opening, Hoshoryu and Shosaru are the 5th wins, with Shosaru winning by pushing down.

▽ Kotoshoho wins against Shohozan with a bad twist.

▽ Kaisei is pushed out by Kaisei.

▽ Kotoeko pushes out the sea of ​​Sada to Kotoeko.

▽ Chiyo Tairyu won Abu Saki by pushing out Chiyo Tairyu.

Abu Saki is the first black star, and there is no longer a win in the Makuuchi.

▽ Wakatakakage is close to Ryuden.

▽ Takayasu is a smasher into Tokushoryu.

▽ To Akira Enho Akira won with a stick out.

▽ Aoiyama scoops up Aoiyama to Takarafuji.

▽ Kiribayama sticks out from Tamawashi.

▽ Hokutofuji is sent to Takanosho by Hokutofuji.

▽ Terunofuji won the Okinoumi Ayumi with Terunofuji.

▽ Endo is struck by Mitakeumi in Sekiwake.

▽ Masayo Sekiwake of Tochinoshin is the fifth win, with Masayo winning by a close margin.

▽ Daieishō Hayato of Shin Sekiwake is pushed out to Toyoyama.

▽ Ozeki Asanoyama beat Myogiryu with a close-knit victory, and from the 4th day, he won 3 consecutive victories and returned the star to 5 minutes.

▽ Ozeki Takakeishō Terutsuyoshi was 5 wins and 1 loss with Takakeishō sticking out.