Judo Tokyo International Tournament in December Postponement policy after next spring New Corona September 19 0:43

According to an interview with the people concerned, the IJF = International Judo Federation has informed the All Japan Judo Federation that it will postpone the international judo tournament scheduled for December in Tokyo after next spring.

The IJF explained that the reason is that if a person infected with the new coronavirus appears at the event, it may affect the next year's Tokyo Olympics.

The IJF has announced that it will resume the international competition, which had been canceled since April due to the spread of the infection, from next month and then hold it in Tokyo in December.

However, according to people familiar with the matter, IJF has decided to postpone the holding of this international tournament in Tokyo after next spring and has informed the All Japan Judo Federation, which runs the tournament, by the 18th.

The IJF explained that the reason for the postponement was that if an infected person were to be held at the Games, it could affect the holding of the Tokyo Olympics next year.

Regarding the holding of the international competition, Mr. Mori, chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, said on the 17th, "Judo is also scheduled, but we must be careful enough in sports competitions where there is close contact between people. If you do it in a hurry and it becomes difficult, it will spread to the Olympics. "

At each competition held at the Olympic Games, there are movements to resume, such as the World Triathlon Championship being held in Germany this month, but this time, with the announcement of the policy of postponing the international judo competition, with people in the future There is concern that it will affect the decision to reopen the competition that involves human contact.

Is the representative a direct confrontation between Maruyama and Abe?

The IJF announced the postponement policy, and at the international competition in December, the All Japan Judo Federation held the only representative selection for the men's 66 kg class, of which the Tokyo Olympics' representatives have not been decided. I was planning to double as well.

In this class, both Joshiro Maruyama and Hifumi Abe are attracting attention as world championship gold medalists are fiercely competing for the national team.

All Japan Judo Federation says that in order to secure the preparation period until the Olympics, it is necessary to decide the representative candidates during this time, and if the international tournament in December is not held, two representative selection meetings Indicates a policy to establish separately.

Since the policy to postpone the tournament has been announced this time, there is a high possibility that the representative will be decided by a direct confrontation between Maruyama and Abe.