All Japan Business Team Championship Athletics Women's 10000m Rina Nabeshima wins September 19th 1:39

The "All Japan Business Team Championship" by top track and field athletes began in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, and at the women's 10,000 meters, Rina Nabeshima won the women's marathon at the Tokyo Olympics.

The tournament will be held from the 18th to the 3rd.

In the women's 10,000 meters, which was the main event on the first day, in addition to Nabeshima who is aiming for the Tokyo Olympics in this event, Honami Maeda and Mao Ichiyama who decided the representative in the women's marathon, Mizuki Matsuda who competed for the representative of the marathon Influential Japanese long-distance runners such as players and Yuka Ando participated.

From the beginning of the race, these players formed a group, and Ichiyama and Maeda continued to compete for the lead.

When Ichiyama was delayed near 9000 meters in the final stage, there was a fierce battle between Maeda, Matsuda, and Nabeshima.

It was the last lap, and when Nabeshima, who specializes in this event, started the last spurt, he separated the other two and won the championship with a time of 32 minutes 3:40.

Matsuda was second, Maeda was third, and Ichiyama was fourth.

The 26-year-old Nabeshima won the women's 10,000 meters in the Japan Championship last year and was selected as the representative of the World Championship, but he missed due to an injury just before the tournament and has suffered from injuries since then.

The race on this day, which won the championship over the leading marathon athletes, impressed Nabeshima's revival, and gave momentum to the long-distance Japanese championship that will be held in December as a representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics. It was a race.

Nabeshima "It was a fight against patience"

After the race, Rina Nabeshima, who won the race, revealed that she had not been able to run satisfactorily due to a series of injuries for the past year or so, and said, "It was a fight against patience. A nearby staff member called out to me. I managed to get it back to this point without feeling clear, "he said with deep emotion.

In addition, at the Japan Championships in December, he expressed his intention to aim for the Olympic team at 10,000 meters, saying, "If you can win after breaking the standard participation record, it is the best. It has not reached that level yet, so I will do it in the future while reviewing the improvement points. I want to go. "