He competes for the top spot in the second group

4 scenarios that enhance the chances of Al-Ahly youth to qualify in Asia

  • Pedro Conde hits the ball with the winning goal.

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  • Zaragoza: I am happier because Conde scored the winning goal.

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Shabab Al-Ahly has in his hands the qualification papers for the 16th round of the AFC Champions League competition, after the precious victory he achieved over Iran's Shahir Khodro, with an unanswered goal scored by Spaniard Pedro Conde, the day before yesterday, in the fourth round of the second group matches, by raising Shabab Al-Ahly His score reached six points, while the leader of the group standings, Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia (the title holder), presented a gift to «Dubai Knights», after tying with the Uzbek Pakhtakor without goals, so that Hilal raised his tally to 10 points, while Pakhtakor has seven points in his balance.

Al-Ahly's youth had great chances of skipping the group stage, after the team had started the competition in a negative way by losing to Al-Hilal and Pakhtakor, but beating Shaher Khodro twice, contributed to his possession of four scenarios, enhancing the team's chances of qualifying for the final price.

The first scenario: is for Al-Ahly youth to achieve victory in the fifth and sixth rounds, against Pakhtakor and Al Hilal, which contributes to the team’s score rising to 12 points, and qualifies officially without considering the result of the Uzbek team’s match with Shaher Khodro, while Shabab Al Ahly competes in the top of the second group, In the event that Al Hilal stumbles against the Iranian team, with a draw or a loss.

As for the second scenario, which guarantees the qualification of Shabab Al-Ahly with its second place solution, the team defeats Pakhtakor with a goal without response, or with a score greater than a goal difference, and thus a tie in the sixth round with Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia suffices.

On the other hand, the third scenario emerges in the same way, which is the victory of Al-Ahly youth over Pakhtakor with a goal, or with a difference greater than one goal. And in the event that the team loses from Al Hilal, the "Dubai Knights" will have the opportunity to cross the group stage, in the event of a loss or tie by Pakhtakor against Shaher Khodro.

In the event that Shabab Al-Ahly achieves the result of a draw against Pakhtakor tomorrow, it will preserve its chances of qualifying for the round of 16, provided that the team wins against Al Hilal Saudi Arabia next Wednesday, in addition to a tie or loss for Pakhtakor on the same day against Shahir Khodro of Iran.

For his part, Al-Ahly youth coach, Spaniard Gerard Zaragoza, expressed his happiness with the victory achieved by the "Dubai Knights", stressing that his happiness is greater, because his compatriot Pedro Conde scored the winning goal against Shaher Khodro, as soon as he participated in the last minutes of the match.

Zaragoza said, in a press conference, that Shabab Al-Ahly played a difficult match against a strong and organized team, adding that the team appeared well, and Shaher Khodro's players were not allowed to threaten Majid Nasir's goal, except for some attacks after the goal scored by Conde.

He added, "It is good for the substitute players to shine, as happened in our first match against Shaher Khodro, in which the substitute scored, Sohail fought the winning goal, before Conde repeated the same thing in the second match."

the second group

Al-Hilal: 10 points.

Pakhtakor: 7.

Shabab Al-Ahly: 6.

Shaher Khodro: zero.

The 4 scenarios for Al-Ahly youth qualification

Winning against Pakhtakor and Al Hilal.

Winning 1-0 against Pakhtakor, and a draw with Al Hilal.

Winning 1-0 against Pakhtakor, and losing from Al Hilal on the condition that Pakhtakor lose or draw with Shaher Khodro.

A draw with Pakhtakor, and a victory over Al Hilal, provided that Pakhtakor lost or tied against Shaher Khodro.

Shabab Al-Ahly repeated their victory over Iran's Shaher Khodro.

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