Tottenham comeback and Milan win

Despite the high status and past achievements, a number of top clubs were forced to start their way to the group stage of the Europa League from the second qualifying round.

Most of them had no problems playing against heavily inferior opponents.

One of the exceptions was Tottenham.

Jose Mourinho's charges were inferior during the meeting and only in the end were they able to print the gate of Lokomotiv from Plovdiv and achieve victory.

It is noteworthy that for the Special one this success became the 100th in European competition.

The account was opened only in the middle of the second half.

The substitute forward of the railroad workers Georgi Minchev took only three minutes to score a goal.

The Bulgarian footballer was left without custody during the corner and hit the goal of Hugo Lloris.

But already seven minutes later Lokomotiv was nine.

First, Dinish Almeida in the style of Luis Suarez cleared the ball off the goal line and received a straight red, and a few seconds later, Birsent Karageren was sent off for unsporting behavior.

Tottenham took full advantage of the gift from the opponent.

Harry Kane converted the penalty, and five minutes later Tongi N'Dombele set the final result.

The meeting between “Copenhagen” and “Gothenburg” developed in a similar way.

The Swedes opened the scoring in the 73rd minute, and the Danes responded with two goals in the period from 82nd to 85th.

Basel and Reims won a little more confidently.

Let the away matches with Osijek and Servette, respectively, and ended with a minimal difference in the score, but both teams were not in the role of catching up.

Milan have kept their goal intact and have not experienced any particular problems in the away confrontation with Shamrock Rovers.

Goals were scored by Khalkan Chalhanoglu and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who distinguished themselves for the Rossoneri in European competition for the first time since 2012.

"Wolfsburg" and "Rangers" literally "rode" over the opponents.

The Germans sent four goals into the Kukesi goal, and the Scots upset the Lincoln goalkeeper five times.

Former England striker Jermain Defoe delivered one accurate blow, and Alfredo Morelos issued a double.

12 goals in Serbia and thrillers in Armenia and Slovakia

The hottest match of the game day took place in Serbia, where relations were sorted out by the TSC from Bachki Topola and the Romanian Steaua.

At the end of regular time, the teams scored four times, and two goals were scored in added minutes.

On the 92nd own goal, Bojan Balazh brought the guests ahead, but already on the 94th Sasha Tomanovich restored parity.

By this time, the hosts had already played in the minority for a whole half, and during the additional 30-minute they lost another player.

Dayan Ponevich was accompanied by Vladimir Siladzhi.

Nevertheless, the Serbs did not surrender.

In the course of overtime, they twice played the role of catch-up, but both times miraculously recouped.

As a result, the meeting ended with a score of 6: 6 and went down in history.

Earlier in European competition, opponents never scored five goals into each other's goal.

The winner was determined in the penalty shootout, where the Steaua players were a little more accurate.

At the same time, among the guests, Florinel Coman and Dennis Man, who are in the sphere of interests of CSKA Moscow, became one of the main characters.

On account of the first one scored a goal, and the second - a hat-trick.

The confrontation in Slovakia turned out to be no less uncompromising.

"DAK 1904" was twice inferior in the score to "Yablonec", but managed to turn the tide of the game and won in overtime.

Bernd Stork's charges restored parity only in the 96th minute, and in extra time they put the squeeze on the opponent - 5: 3.

Marko Divkovic and Yon Nicolaescu were the winners of the double, and Ivan Schranz was the losers.

The plot of the match between “Ararat-Armenia” and “Fola” turned out to be even more incredible.

The hosts also scored first, but gave up the initiative and nine minutes before the end of regular time, they were not only behind by two goals, but also had one player less.

However, then the Estonian referee Enea Jorgi equalized the squads and twice pointed to the point in the guests' penalty area from the 91st to the 94th minute.

Mailon Lima twice confidently fulfilled the standard and put the game into overtime.

There the Armenian footballers managed to snatch the victory.

And the winner of the winning goal was Sergey Vakulenko.

Triumph of "Kolos" and the postponement of the match of "Riga"

In general, clubs from the post-Soviet space did not perform in the best way.

Apart from Ararat-Armenia, only Tbilisi Dynamo and Lokomotiv, Tallinn Flora and Kolos from Kovalevka proceeded to the next qualifying round.

The Georgian Dynamo beat Konnas Quay only thanks to a 97th-minute penalty goal by Georgy Gabedava, the Estonian team barely beat Reykjavik, which was in the minority for more than half an hour, and Loko from Tbilisi prevailed over Moscow. Dynamo".

The Ukrainian club turned out to be stronger than the Greek Aris.

The confrontation in Solonniki ended with a score of 1: 2, and all effective actions fit into a 15-minute segment.

The guests opposed the exact blow of Brun Gama with the balls of Evgeny Novak and Denis Antyukh.

At the same time, seven clubs completed their performance in European competitions.

Among the losers were the Latvian "Ventspils", the Lithuanian "Riteriai" and "Zalgiris", the Kazakh "Kaisar" and the Azerbaijani "Neftchi".

This time the offender of the Tula Arsenal was not at all lucky with the draw, and the opponents were Galatasaray.

As a result, the defeat with a score of 1: 3 at home.

Kazakhstan's Astana gave way to Buduchnost, while Belarusian BATE was left without European cups for the second year in a row.

This time, he could not cope with CSKA Sofia.

At the same time, the Latvian "Riga" will still have a chance to compete for a ticket to the third round of qualification.

The match between the charges of the ex-coach of "Spartak" Oleg Kononov with "Tre Fiori" was postponed to a later date due to strong winds.

Goals of ex-CSKA footballers and Wombergar's exact shot

As for the former representatives of the RPL clubs, they had a rather productive game day.

So, ex-midfielder of CSKA Bibras Natcho became one of the main heroes of the meeting between Sfintul Gheorghe and Partizan.

At the 104th minute, he once again demonstrated the skill of the penalty kick and brought the Serbs victory.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli for the 41st time in his career meticulously performed a kick from the "point".

Moreover, the last miss is dated November 26, 2017.

Then he was unable to hit the gate of Rubin in the Russian championship.

Another CSKA footballer also delighted his personal fans.

Wagner Love scored against Maccabi Haifa and once again demonstrated that the red and blue did not sign a contract with him in vain.

He has three goals in two matches for "Kairat".

True, this was not enough to win.

The Israelis twice left Stas Pokatilov out of business and moved on.

The former Ufa striker Andres Vombergar could not help his partners either.

The footballer of Olimpia from Ljubljana distinguished himself in the 81st minute of the meeting with Zrinski and took his team forward, but in the next 11 minutes the hosts conceded twice.

At the same time, ex-Rubin midfielder Miyo Tsaktash brought victory to Hajduk in the confrontation with Renova.