Armand Duplanti's mother Helena is, together with father Greg, coach of Armand Duplantis.

None of them were in Rome, however, when the 20-year-old tonight passed 6.15 and thus became the one who jumped the highest through the times outdoors.

Instead, she sat at home in American Louisiana and watched the competition on television.

- It was super boring, haha.

It was fun to see such good jumping, but I can not say that it is so fun to watch on TV if you compare with being there, she says with a laugh.

"Not so great"

Helena Duplantis was hesitant about the record possibilities at the beginning of the competition.

- When I saw the video from the warm-up, the feeling was like that ... There was a bit of a headwind and the first jumps on the warm-up were not very good.

And at 5.85 he went like in front of the crossbar.

But when I saw the six-meter jump, I thought that 6.15 could probably go today.

And the first attempt at 15 ... Then you saw that he had it in his body, she says.

And when he then took it in the second attempt, what did it sound like and look like at home with the Duplantis family then?

- It was just me and the daughter at home, and we're fixing some rotten doors at home, so it was a lot of drilling, haha.

But it was just joy!

"Feels good for him"

The entire outdoor season has been a long quest to finish 6.15.

Helena Duplantis confirms that this means a lot to her son.

- It feels good for him, I think.

He's been talking about it for quite a few months now.

It has been fun to have a goal here this summer because it has been such a strange season.

And it feels good to end the outdoor season with good flow and good jumping.

"It's getting pretty loud"

SVT Sports expert Kajsa Bergqvist believes that Armand Duplantis can take 6.25 in the fairly near future, and that is something that Helena Duplantis absolutely believes is possible.

- Yes, with perfect conditions and facilities, I do not think it is impossible.

But it's starting to get pretty loud.

The centimeters will not only go, but there will be some work as well.

It will not be easy, but I do not think it is impossible, she says.