Ramaz Kharazishvili was captain of the Georgian team in rugby sevens for a long time. -

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And the beautiful story of the day comes to us from Georgia ... The drama took place in the office of the vice-president of the Georgian Rugby Federation, a certain Merab Besalia, who is not one of our acquaintances.

According to local media, the latter would have fired at Ramaz Kharazishvili, the former captain of the rugby sevens team, after an argument of unknown origin.

'Georgian police have arrested the vice president of the country's rugby union, Merab Beselia, over the shooting of player Ramaz Kharazishvili, who was shot in the leg at the sport's governing body's offices in the capital Tbilisi'


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- Rúaidhrí O'Connor (@RuaidhriOC) September 17, 2020

Kharazishvili (32) is said to have undergone surgery in the wake, without his vital prognosis being engaged.

“Kharazishvili was injured in the leg.

All Federation employees cooperate with the police, ”said Tornike Gogebashvili, the current president of the federation.

Georgian police, who arrested the gunman, will be tasked with unraveling the case. 

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