Willem II trainer Adrie Koster believes that his team should not underestimate Progrès Niederkorn.

The Luxembourg village club is the opponent of the Tilburg team on Wednesday evening in the second heat of the Europa League.

"A lot of people think we are favorites", says Koster in the Luxembourg newspaper



"But Niederkorn has more European experience than we do."

"They have played these kinds of matches before, while it is new for our players", said the trainer of the Tilburg team.

Willem II plays his first European match since 2005. Niederkorn has been active in the preliminary round of the Europa League for the past three seasons.

Niederkorn never reached the group stage of the Europa League, but could occasionally cause a stunt.

The modest club from Luxembourg managed to eliminate the Scottish Rangers FC in 2017 and the Hungarian Honvéd was defeated in 2018.

Three weeks ago, Niederkorn was 3-0 too strong for Zeta from Montenegro in the first preliminary round.

Willem II trained on Tuesday in the Differdange stadium, where the match will be played.

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'If it stays 0-0 for a long time, we might get chances'

The club comes from a village of seven thousand inhabitants.

The local Stade Jos Haupert has only one grandstand.

For European matches, the number two of last season in Luxembourg therefore moves to the stadium in Differdange.

That stadium is normally played by FC Differdange 03, a club that eliminated FC Utrecht in 2013 in the preliminary round of the Europa League.

That result may give the players of Niederkorn courage, although captain Sebastien Silaj sees Willem II as a clear favorite.

"I watched the game against Heerenveen (2-0 defeat, ed.). Willem II has a good team and fast and strong players."

"We will have to be good defensively and do a lot of walking work. If it stays 0-0 for a long time, then maybe we will get opportunities."

Progrès Niederkorn-Willem II starts Wednesday at 6.30pm.

The winner will play in the third preliminary round against Rangers of Lincoln Red Imps, a club from Gibraltar.

Willem II trainer Adrie Koster and captain Jordens Peters at the press conference in the small press room in Luxembourg.

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