Primoz Roglic and Tadej Pogacar in the climb of Puy Mary, September 11, 2020. -



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1:30 p.m .

: We meet a few kilometers before the foot of the Madeleine to follow it all together.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with our traditional early stage summary.

And good luck to the sprinters of course.

Asset' ! 

Right from the start, it shoots all over the place.

Many want to escape and get ahead in anticipation of what awaits them in the last kilometers.

But the Bora is watching.

Peter Sagan rolls his teammates to the ball for 40 terminals to recover the vertiginous total of 3 points on Sam Bennett in the classification of the green jersey during the intermediate sprint of La Rochette.

Behind, the serious things begin.

A group can finally extricate itself from the peloton, with Pierre Rolland in charge.

Pierrot steals the polka dot jersey at the top of the Madeleine, but he does not yet know that Pogacar will take his turn at the end of the stage, with the points doubled at the finish.

In the meantime, he is racing ahead, with Soler, Hirschi, Chaves and Madouas, among others.

But all these beautiful people will not resist the slopes of the Col de la Loze.

The Jumbo hardens the train from the foot, hoping to exhaust Pogacar before he tries anything.

Van Aert and Kuss take back the fugitives one by one.

2 kilometers from the summit, they turn around and discover that there is only Roglic and Pogacar in the wheel.


Van Aert finally moved away, Kuss brought his leader back twice to Pogacar before letting him finish the job 800 meters from the line.

Roglic definitely stuns the competition even if, small event, we saw him wince for half a second.

Behind the best, it's a real battlefield.

The jerseys are wide open, the mouths too, it staggers severe on the road.

There is no longer a gruppetto, it is every man for himself to reach the top.

Night is falling slowly.

Caleb Ewan is in reverse, Sam Bennett dismounts.

Sagan, who had hid in a thicket to wait for him, appears and knocks down the green jersey.

Involuntary, he will then plead.

Anyway, no one saw anything.

Thierry Adam was already in bed at that time. 

1:30 p.m

.: One of the challenges of the day will obviously be Pogacar's ability to shake Roglic and the Jumbo.

Bernal is no longer there, the French either, the Colombians seem a bit tight ... Frankly, we only see him to try something there.

Why Pogacar must "imperatively attack" Roglic at the Col de la Loze via @ 20minutesSport

- 20 Minutes Sport (@ 20minutesSport) September 15, 2020

1:30 p.m .

: And yes, so it's today that the runners arrive at the famous Col de la Loze, which we have been talking about for months.

THE novelty of this Tour.

A real filth with walls that rise up in front of you without warning.

We make the presentations to you in this excellent paper (in all objectivity of course) >>

La Loze, the Tour's new torture tool via @ 20minutesSport

- 20 Minutes Sport (@ 20minutesSport) September 16, 2020


p.m .

Yoooo the Tibopinix.

I hope you are in great shape today, because things are going to be daunting on the Tour route. 

La Loze, la Loze, la Loze!

Since the time that we speak about it, here it is finally, this famous new collar of death which kills.

Great novelty of this Tour de France, the climb beyond the station of Méribel, paved in 2019, is a real “bastard”, as the runners define it in their hearts.

In total, 21.5 kilometers of ascent with 7.8% average, but above all, above all, seven last terminals to ask you why you decided one day to ride a bike, with slopes around 20%.

Before that, the Madeleine will have already wrung out a good part of the peloton.

No really that's for sure, today the Tour will only be a huge project. 

>> We meet at the very beginning of the afternoon to follow this very exciting 17th stage ...

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