Gradilenko denied that he worked as a taxi driver

Former footballer of a number of Russian clubs Dmitry Gradilenko denied information about working in a taxi service.

After completing his professional career, the defender worked as a football agent and commented on matches on television, and also tried himself in managerial work.

Gradilenko held the posts of sports director in Dynamo Bryansk and Zenit Penza, and a few years later found himself in the Krasnodar Urozhay FC created on the basis of Kuban.

During this period of his activity, a loud scandal erupted: a person famous in the football world was accused of organizing a match fix.

According to representatives of the Novorossiysk Chernomorets, Gradilenko offered them 500 thousand rubles for a positive result of the game with the Sandy-Kop Chaika, the main competitor of Harvest in the fight for a ticket to the FNL.

In June 2019, Gradilenko was suspended from any football activity for a year.

In early September 2020, journalist Maxim Allanazarov reported on Telegram that the former manager now works as a simple taxi driver.

To prove his words, he brought a screen of Gradilenko's account in one of the service's aggregators.

“They write a lot on the Internet, you know, but this is fake.

I just don't have any comments, I don't want to make excuses, I want to discuss football, ”Gradilenko said in an interview with Sport24.

Last Sunday, he returned to commenting, having worked out a derby in one of the capital's bars.

Gradilenko said that he was asked about this by the owner of the institution and his friend, and also made it clear that he owns a football school, which is working successfully.

Mourinho became the protagonist of the Tottenham movie

Amazon has released a documentary series "All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur", dedicated to the popular London football club.

Filming was carried out throughout the 2019/20 season.

Operators worked in the team's locker rooms and in the players 'rooms, filming the players' leisure and conflicts, documenting everything from meals to coaching settings before matches.

The voice of the English actor Tom Hardy sounds off-screen.

The first few episodes show the disastrous start of the Spurs under Mauricio Pochettino and the arrival of the mentor of Jose Mourinho.

The film is full of original decisions of the crew.

So, at one point, a Portuguese specialist examines the famous photo in which Vinnie Jones grabs Paul Gascoigne by the groin.

Mourinho became the main character of the series.

One of the storylines is devoted to building a relationship between the coach and one of the leaders of Tottenham, Dele Alli.

So, on the very first day, Mourinho accused the midfielder of being lazy and promised to become a "pain in his ass", but then clarified his position.

“Sir Alex Ferguson gave me one good piece of advice in my two and a half years at Manchester United: take and buy Allie.

Still, he trains poorly, and we must find the right motivation for him, ”said the Portuguese.

He also admitted that he does not understand how in one period you can be a professional in your field, and in another - turn into a party-goer.

According to Mourinho, Alli will regret greatly if in the end she cannot achieve everything that she could.

In addition, the film shows that the coach and the club's management tried to keep another leading performer Christian Eriksen, but he chose to leave for Inter.

The agent of the Dane is called the culprit, who allegedly completely controls his ward and did not want to conduct a dialogue with Tottenham.

At the moment, six of the nine episodes have seen the light.

Bikfalvi presented the doctors "Lada Granta"

Ural striker Eric Bikfalvi presented the team of the Central City Hospital No. 3 in Yekaterinburg with a Lada Granta car, which will allow doctors to visit patients.

He donated the prize money received from the club sponsor for one of the most beautiful balls of the 2019/20 Russian championship, scored against Arsenal, to charity.

As noted in the press service of the club, "the new car is a gift for saving the lives of patients from coronavirus infection and an essential means of transportation for emergency medical teams."

Bikfalvi himself admitted that he considers the mentioned goal to be the second steepest one during his performance for Ural.

The footballer's act was highly appreciated by the former press attaché of the Russian national team Ilya Kazakov.

According to the journalist, he has not met players of the national team level who would refuse to participate in charity.

“Another thing is that they usually want to provide targeted assistance in order to be sure that this is not a money scam.

I know there are two ways of looking at player charity.

Someone thinks that such things should be done in silence.

Someone is sure that this can be an example to follow.

It seems to me that we need to talk about this.

The second opinion is closer to me, ”Kazakov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Ronaldo bought a ring for the bride for £ 615,000

According to British tabloids, Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo presented his beloved Georgina Rodriguez with a ring from Cartier for £ 615,000. Most likely, this is the most expensive ring of all that football players have given to their brides ever in history.

The second place in this ranking is taken by the goalkeeper of Everton and the England national team Jordan Pickford, who forked out for his girlfriend Megan Davison for £ 500 thousand. thous.

Information that 35-year-old Ronaldo made an offer to his chosen one appeared earlier in September.

Rodriguez, 26, said yes.

At the same time, the couple is not planning a wedding yet, and the date of the ceremony has not even been set yet.

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Posted by Georgina Rodríguez (@georginagio) Jun 25, 2020 2:08 am PDT

Rumors that the Portuguese made an offer to his beloved circulated in June.

Rodriguez then boasted a large diamond ring.

But that time there were no details.

And at the end of August, the model posted on Instagram a photo in a red dress next to her boyfriend.

“Yes,” Georgina captioned the photo, accompanying the comment with a red rose emoji.

Fans of the star couple saw in this a hint of engagement.

Former bolboy urges Federer to apologize for hitting the ball

Australian businessman Heath Jameson has called on tennis player Roger Federer to apologize for the incident 14 years ago.

At the 2006 Australian Open, he played the role of a ball boy, and in one of the matches a Swiss athlete accidentally hit him with a ball.

The surrounding people at that time did not attach much importance to what happened, and the commentators of the game joked that the boy was lucky: from now on he can brag to his friends that Federer himself was hit by him.

The record of the moment was taken out of the archive after Novak Djokovic was disqualified at the last US Open.

In one of the episodes of the match with the Spaniard Pablo Carreno-Busto, the Serb, having lost the serve with the score 5: 5 in the first set, hit the ball with a racket without looking and accidentally hit the neck of the line judge Laura Clark, who was behind him.

The woman grabbed her throat and fell, and the tennis player was disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior and fined $ 10 thousand, and also deprived of $ 250 thousand in prize money.

After that, Clarke was harassed by Djokovic fans on Instagram.

The situation took such a turn that the athlete had to urge his fans to stop attacking Clarke, "who did nothing wrong."

And yet in Serbia they decided that their compatriot suffered because of his nationality: they say, Federer or Rafael Nadal would not have been punished so severely for a similar offense.

2020: @DjokerNole hits line umpire ... disqualified from the US Open

2006: @rogerfederer does a trick shot and hits me in the🎾🎾 ... says “you got to be ready” and has a chuckle

It's been 14 tough years , Roger, is it time for an apology? #Justiceforheathhttps: //

- Heath Jamieson (@heath_jamieson) September 9, 2020

According to journalist Joe Sandom, despite the different reactions of the bolboy at AO-2006 and the judge at USO-2020, the episodes may have been identical.

“The question arises: are the rules the same for everyone,” he said.

Jamison also drew attention to different interpretations of similar moments: “Federer throws the ball back and hits me.

Says "you have to be ready" and giggles ... Roger, isn't it time to apologize? "

Belonogoff spoke about bullying in an English school

Swimmer Tatyana Belonogoff spoke about the bullying she was subjected to in an English school because of her Russian origin.

The athlete's mother was born in the USSR, but Tatyana was born in the UK.

In 2020, she changed her sports citizenship for the opportunity to play for the Russian national team.

According to the girl, during her studies she was no different from other students, but her roots gave her first and last name.

In an interview with Match TV, she added that Russians were treated badly at school, and sometimes even the teachers were negative.

Among other things, in the presence of Belonogoff, they joked that the Nazis needed to defeat the USSR.

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Publication from WFTU (@official_vfp) 10 Sep 2020 at 6:40 PDT

“They ridiculed that we are all doping, that we are all alcoholics.

For example, we are sitting with friends, and someone could turn and say: "You know, I hate Russians and Slavs in general."

This was normal and not considered racist.

Everyone is calm about this.

At some point I stopped noticing, "Belonogoff summed up.

Last week, she received official permission from the International Aquatics Federation (FINA) to play under the Russian flag.

Belonogoff plans to qualify for the team for the World and European Championships.

She stressed that she had always considered herself Russian.

SKA hockey player disqualified for cocaine

Former player of St. Petersburg SKA-1946 from the Youth Hockey League Ilya Altybarmakyan was convicted of using cocaine.

A doping test taken from the athlete on February 6 after a home match with Typhoon gave a positive result.

Altybarmakyan refused to open a sample of B. In such cases, when the athlete cannot prove the unintentional use of a prohibited substance, the period of ineligibility is four years.

The International Ice Hockey Federation announced the punishment for the Russian on September 9.

At the same time, his disqualification is counted from March 25, 2020, when Altybarmakyan was temporarily suspended from the competition.

Now he is 19 years old, he is the younger brother of Andrei Altybarmakyan, who played in the KHL for SKA and Sochi.

In addition to Atybarmakyan, the IIHF disqualified the player of the Ufa "Agidel" Maria Tyugankina for eight months.

Her analysis found traces of the diuretic drug furosemide banned by WADA.

According to the hockey player, she took the product by accident - as part of a detox cocktail.

In her case, the disqualification is counted from January 15, 2020.

Both verdicts can be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (CAS) within 21 days.