Nantais Rok Ovnicek.



So near and so far at the same time.

HBC Nantes lost (24-28) this Wednesday evening at the H Arena, against Veszprem, during the first group day of the Champions League.

Eye to eye with the 2019 European vice-champion, the Nantes ended up losing out against the Hungarian golgoths and an impassable goalkeeper (Corrales) (18 saves, 46%).

In the 40th, the "H" left irremediable distance (10-11 at the break).

The Spanish winger Valero Rivera (3/4) regrets this collective resignation which has totally put the Nantes spectators to sleep, all masked given the health context: “Rodrigo [Corrales] had a big match, but we can't let go like that the game.

You don't have the right to miss the unmissable ones and make so many gifts against a team with so many talented players.

There was a way to do better… ”Same opinion for the Nantes assistant coach, Greg Cojean:“ There is disappointment tonight.

With all due respect for this team, we had the means to worry them and even to win… ”

Half-centers in pain

Alberto Entrerrios' deputy points to the lack of "character" of the HBCN this Wednesday evening, like the half-centers next to their pumps (Minne, 0/4 and Ovnicek, 0/2).

The HBCN will not have time to think about this European competition (in which the first 6 of each pool of 8 are qualified for the round of 16) since next week they will be in Germany in Kiel, again a favorite of the test.


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