[Explanation] On September 15, the countdown to the first anniversary of the 14th National Games of "Meet in Xi'an, Build Dreams" National Games kicked off in Xi'an.

More than a thousand long-distance running enthusiasts gathered in Xi'an and started enthusiastically.

  The main venue of the City Happy Run is set on the 600-year-old Ming City Wall of Xi’an, covering a total of 13.7 kilometers.

The track is fully integrated into the elements of the National Games and the characteristics of Xi’an. National Games mascots, characteristic dolls, National Games punch-in walls, National Games publicity boards, etc. were produced, as well as wonderful mass sports performances such as Tai Chi and aerobics. The form of the on-site runners help cheer.

  [Concurrent] Contestants

  Thank you very much for participating in this running event on the city wall, and then it is the first time to run on the city wall to welcome our National Games in a way you like.

Then, as a disabled and disabled runner, we will work hard to improve ourselves.

  [Explanation] At 8 o'clock that day, with the firing of the starting gun, contestants in blue competition uniforms rushed out, pushing the national fitness activity to a climax.

It is understood that in order to create a warm atmosphere for the National Games of the whole region and the National Games of the people, the event was held in eight branch venues including Datang Everbright City, Seoul Lake, Kunming Pool, World Expo Park, and City Sports Park. Happy running activities.

  [Concurrent] Contestant Huafengwa

  I ran on the city wall three times, and today the city wall is running, the wind is quite strong, but it still feels like before. The wall under the foot is a little bit uneven, and you should pay attention when you want to run, and then the overall The running is not bad, the wind is more tiring at the beginning, the latter is to run steadily, generally speaking, it is quite comfortable.

  [Concurrent] Contestant Zhang Xiaoping

  Exercise allows me to get up early every morning, and every morning I will go to the playground at 5:30 to start exercising. When exercise becomes a habit, you will feel that your daily life is special.

  [Commentary] It is reported that the 14th National Games will be held in Shaanxi Province from September 15 to 27, 2021.

  Mei Yitaki Gaocheng reports from Xi'an

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]