Messi is a candidate to beat Ronaldo in the billionaire club

The English newspaper "Daily Mail" revealed expectations that the new season will bear the advantage of Barcelona and the Argentine national team, Lionel Messi, over his traditional Portuguese rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, in the billionaire club.

The newspaper relied on the reports of "Forbes" about the most-paid athletes in the world, with a detailed explanation of the numbers, profits and total salaries that the "flea" would earn, as a result of his decision to stay in Barcelona until the end of his contract in 2021, which will be added to his total revenues before taxation throughout his football career. Al-Nasa, from Barca, who is 16 years old, will enable him to excel in the billionaire club, even over Ronaldo, who is the first footballer to succeed in this club.

The British newspaper elaborated on how Messi achieved his huge fortune by scrutinizing the fictional salary he receives at the Camp Nou, along with the many sponsorship deals that the Argentine concludes, and other assets for him, as the newspaper confirmed that the recent crisis in which "Messi" announced On his desire to leave Barcelona, ​​and then return to his decision and stay in the "Blaugrana" for another year, she revealed the value of the fixed salary of the player of $ 92 million, in addition to the bonuses for signing and staying in the ranks of the team, which were not disclosed, in addition to the bonuses for winning Taken together, they could raise this number even higher.

The newspaper indicated, the estimated value that Messi can get in 2021, when his contract expires, noting that the Argentine’s participation in 60% of the next matches with the Barcelona logo will bring him his salary, rising to $ 126 million on average.

The newspaper relied on the report of "Forbes", that Messi obtained 32 million dollars from sponsorship deals that he concluded in recent years, most notably his partnership with the giant "Adidas" sports group, from which he earns more than 12 million dollars annually, as the 33-year-old has signed Partnerships with "Pepsi", "Huawei", "MasterCard" and "Dastoride", among many other brands.

Messi invests in various companies and projects, as Najm revealed in 2019 his clothing collection, in partnership with "Jenny Hilfiger", sister of international fashion designer "Tommy Hilfiger", and "Messi" also owns a huge park in China, which is scheduled to be launched. Later this year, not to mention entering the hotel and hospitality sector, as he bought a four-star hotel near Barcelona, ​​in addition to owning other hotels in both "Ibiza" and "Mallorca".

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