Giants Motoki head coach to surgery for appendicitis Abe 2 army coach acts on behalf of September 16 18:36

The leader of professional baseball and the Central League has announced that Daisuke Motoki, head coach, has been diagnosed with appendicitis and will undergo surgery.

While Motoki head coach is absent, Shinnosuke Abe, the 2nd army coach, will act on his behalf.

According to the team, Motoki head coach was diagnosed with appendicitis when he was examined at a hospital complaining of abdominal pain on the 16th, so he was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo for surgery.

While Motoki Head Coach was absent, Abe 2nd Army Coach will act as Head Coach, and Shuichi Murata 2nd Army Fielder General Coach will act as 2nd Army Coach.

Motoki head coach has been appointed as a new head coach from infield defense and batting coach this season.

Then, from the usual practice, the player's play is checked in detail, the player in good condition is identified, and Tatsunori Hara is advised to appoint, supporting the team with the magic number "38" to win the championship on the 15th. Was there.

Motoki head coach will return to the scene as soon as he is discharged.

Among the players, captain Hayato Sakamoto was in poor physical condition and Kazuma Okamoto No. 4 had a backache, so he was removed from the starting lineup at the Hanshin Tigers match held at Tokyo Dome on the night of the 16th.

This is the second time Sakamoto has left the starting lineup since July 24th.

Okamoto is the first player this season.

Both of them started in the Hanshin Tigers game on the 15th, but retired to the bench on the way.

According to the team, their symptoms are mild.