All football clubs together have already lost 11.8 billion euros in revenue due to the corona crisis, FIFA reports Wednesday.

"Football has been very hard hit by the corona virus," said Olli Rehn, head of the FIFA committee that maps out the consequences of the corona crisis.

"Many professional clubs are in very serious financial trouble. In addition, we are also concerned about youth academies and clubs in lower divisions," said the Finn.

He emphasizes that the figures are based on the current state of affairs, with most competitions having been suspended for about three months.

Nowadays football is played again in almost all countries.

"If the coronavirus flares up further, the numbers will get much more serious."

Competitions have now resumed, but with much less crowd and corona measures.

(Photo: Pro Shots)

'We have to wait for vaccine'

According to Rehn, clubs in South America have been hit particularly hard.

He is also concerned about the clubs in Africa and Asia.

"There is a great risk that the good work for the development of football in recent years will have to be done all over again."

FIFA previously set up an emergency fund of 1.25 billion.

Rehn reported that 150 of the 211 FIFA member states have now made an appeal.

Now that games are still often played in empty or much less filled stadiums, the end of the crisis is not yet in sight.

"We are recovering very slowly and another relapse cannot be ruled out," says Rehn.

"One thing is clear: we have to wait for a vaccine before we can get this pandemic under control. There is still a lot of uncertainty about that."