Data map: In the 2018 CBA All-Star Game, Ding Yanyuhang, No. 2 player of the Northern Team, attacked from the basket.

China News Agency reporter Chen Wenshe

  Chinanews Client Beijing, September 16 (Wang Hao) On the 15th, Shandong Men's Basketball announced that it had signed a new contract with Ding Yan Yuhang, which marked the end of the "Adventures of Ding Ding" that had lasted more than a year.

  This boy who had been willing to play close to the court for the Shandong Men's Basketball team almost left the team he loved.

Now although the two sides are working together again, it is just like the famous line in "Half Life": "We will never go back." And on the road of professionalization of Chinese basketball, how can we not let this "multiple defeats" The regret of "injury" repeats itself, and it is worth pondering.


  Turning the time back to October 8, 2018, Ding Yan Yuhang posted a Weibo: "From zero to one, then come. I'm flying away again, good night to the motherland." On that day, he made his NBA debut on behalf of the Lone Ranger China game and scored 1 point, and will go to the United States with the team.

As the CBA's two consecutive MVPs, Ding Yanyuhang decided to break into the NBA in the summer of that year.

Screenshot of Weibo.

  Even for him, known as the "four-character foreign aid", this is no small challenge.

Friends of Ding Yan Yuhang's circle forwarded this Weibo to show their support. Among them, Guangdong player Zhou Peng joked: "Come on, the reason for going to the US to watch the game depends on you."

  On September 10 this year, Ding Yan Yuhang posted a long post on Weibo reviewing the past two years, and said bluntly, "I feel a little bit cold and feel abandoned." Zhou Peng also reposted this Weibo, this time He said: "You are already tough enough, now you only need a stage! Come on!"

  In the past two years, everything about Ding Yan Yuhang seems to have changed.

The root cause is only two words, and that is "injury".

Screenshot of Weibo.

Screenshot of Weibo.

  As he himself recalled, in the semifinals of the 2017-2018 CBA playoffs, Ding Yanyuhang played closed and insisted on playing with a strained left leg, but failed to lead the team to win the series.

He said that one leg was so painful that he didn't feel it at halftime, and he was kicked by his teammates after the game.

  After deciding to break into the NBA, Ding Yan Yuhang did not actually get too many opportunities to prove himself. Most of the time was spent fighting injuries and recovering after surgery.

  At the end of 2018, he underwent knee cleansing surgery. In August 2019, he underwent surgery for the cartilage and bone cleft of his right knee.

In January this year, his team issued an announcement stating that his right knee suffered from chronic patellar tendinitis due to long-term overwork, and that he needed further treatment and rehabilitation.

  Nowadays, although Ding Yanyuhang signed a new contract with the Shandong team, it is still unknown when he will be able to play.

In addition to the need to pick up a new run-in with the team, Ding Yan Yuhang may not be able to return to the level of "four-character foreign aid" after a long injury.

Data map: Ding Yan Yuhang competes with the opposing players.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Dongming

  Perhaps in the days and nights when people expected him to return to the game, Ding Yan Yuhang was facing the pain alone.

For two years like this, it was too difficult for him, who would rather play in isolation to pursue victory.


  With the announcement of the Shandong Men’s Basketball Team’s re-signing, the "Adventures of Tintin" which lasted for more than a year came to an end, but obviously the players and the team are no longer intimate.

The fans who have sincerely cheered for the Shandong Men's Basketball Team and Ding Yan Yuhang are the people who have suffered the most emotionally injured no matter how they stand in such a "wrangling".

  In April last year, Ding Yanyuhang officially announced his return to China.

And also in that April, after a season of ups and downs in the Shandong team, the official Xuan Gong Xiaobin re-instructed the team, Gong Xiaobin said at the time that he would discuss with Ding Yan Yuhang about the return.

But this "discussion" has been "discussed" for more than a year.

  On the 5th of last year, the Shandong men's basketball team assembled. In an interview, Gong Xiaobin welcomed Ding Yanyuhang's return, but if the players only consider their interests, they might not be able to play well even if they come back.

Data map: Sui Ran and Ding Yan Yuhang.

Image source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  Two days later, Ding Yan Yuhang’s friend and the boss of his brokerage firm Sui Ran angered the media reports on Ding Yan Yuhang’s return on Weibo, saying: "I will scold you in your face again," saying that he never Interfere with Ding Yan Yuhang's decision.

  Since then, Ding Yanyuhang’s agency and the Shandong Men’s Basketball team have repeatedly spoken about Ding Yanyuhang’s return. The positions of the two parties are different, but the main thrust is the same: we hope to continue to cooperate with each other, and we have done everything This kind of preparation, the other party does not cooperate.

  After Ding Yanyuhang returned to China, he has not reunited with the Shandong Men's Basketball Team, and appeared behind the Xinjiang team's bench to watch the football news, which made Shandong fans even more confused about his return.

  On September 10, Ding Yanyuhang posted a long article on Weibo that made the contradiction public.

In two years, Ding Yanyuhang and the Shandong Men's Basketball Team stood opposite each other.

Data map: 2017 CBA All-Star game Ding Yan Yuhang won the most valuable player (MVP) title.

The picture shows Ding Yan Yuhang in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Xing Chong

  In the long article, he recalled his passionate years of fighting for Shandong with injuries, but said that his contract with the Shandong Men's Basketball Team has expired. During his departure from the CBA, he underwent surgery and postoperative rehabilitation twice, costing a total of 200 About 10,000 yuan, Shandong Men's Basketball did not bear any expenses, and he did not receive any salary from Shandong Men's Basketball.

  Based on the statements of the two parties and media reports, the reason for this drama, which lasted for more than a year, was the difference when the two parties signed the new contract. The root cause was "money."

Hurt money

  The contract between Ding Yanyuhang and Shandong can refer to the situation of Zhou Qi and Xinjiang last year.

Last year, Zhou Qi, who belongs to the same economic company as Ding Yan Yuhang, also staged "Where is Zhou Qi going" after his failure to break into the NBA.

In the end, the Basketball Association ruled that Zhou Qi’s parent team, Xinjiang, had its priority registration rights or exclusive rights to renew.

  When Zhou Qi and Xinjiang re-signed, the CBA had not yet implemented the 8 million domestic player salary cap, so his contract annual salary is likely to exceed 8 million.

Data map: Ding Yanyuhang and Zhou Qi cheered for the team on the bench.

On the same day, the 2017 Stankovic Cup Intercontinental Basketball Tournament was held in Shenzhen on the final day. The Chinese men's basketball team finally beat the Egyptian men's basketball team 90 to 64 and finished third.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  After Ding Yan Yuhang's return, if he signs a contract with the Shandong Men's Basketball team as soon as possible, theoretically it is also possible to get an annual salary of more than 8 million.

However, it took more than a year for the two parties to "wagon" with each other before reaching a new contract.

  There is no official announcement about the reason.

There are rumors that Ding Yan Yuhang's side is dissatisfied with the Shandong team's attitude, and there are also rumors that the Shandong team dare not sign because of uncertainty about Ding Yan Yuhang's physical condition.

But the rumors are only rumors until they are confirmed, and it is unfair to accuse any party because of the rumors.

  According to the official CBA registration information, Ding Yanyuhang renewed the maximum salary contract this time.

However, the brokerage company to which he belongs issued a statement saying that Ding Yanyuhang’s return this time “has been agreed but he can’t return to the stadium through physical examination, and he will only receive a basic salary of 30,000 yuan before tax.” If Ding Yanyuhang’s recovery is not as expected, he really failed to pass. Physically, the economic loss will be even greater.

Data map: Ding Yanyuhang layup in the national team game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Xiong Ran

  Another controversy about money is that the Shandong Men's Basketball Team mentioned in the long article by Ding Yanyuhang did not pay for medical expenses and wages.

  In response to this Shandong Men’s Basketball Team, the club repeatedly hoped that Ding Yanyuhang would return to the team for a physical examination, but he avoided it. He did not explain the injury and treatment plan to the club, nor did he mention the issue of medical expenses.

As for wages, the Shandong Men's Basketball team believes that Ding Yan Yuhang has not returned to the club in the past two years.

  In the statement of the Shandong Men's Basketball Team and Ding Yanyuhang Brokerage Company on the 15th, none of this part was mentioned.

How to solve the problem is still unknown.

But what is certain is that one party will always bear the economic losses in the past two years.

Ding Yan Yuhang MVP poster.

Image source: CBA League official blog


  Although "The Adventures of Tintin" has come to an end, no one wants to see such a situation where there are so many losses and injuries. How can this be avoided?

  In fact, players with contracts want to go abroad. According to the practice of general professional leagues, foreign clubs need to trade players or buy out contracts.

But the reality is that currently no player in China has the strength to make NBA and other foreign high-level league clubs willing to pay such a price.

  Whether it is Zhou Qi or Ding Yanyuhang, including the previous Yi Jianlian, their parent team in the CBA almost let them go for nothing.

And a player of this level leaving the team, the impact on the performance of the home team is obvious.

Professional leagues are in business, and the clubs cannot completely pay for the players' dreams.

  Therefore, the priority registration right or the exclusive right to renew the player after returning to the country is regarded as compensation for the club.

In the announcement last year that Zhou Qi belonged to, the CBA League promised to build a more standardized and complete contract system.

Judging from the implementation of this offseason, certain progress has been made. The key to avoiding similar disturbances in the future is to clarify the rights and responsibilities of all parties through the contract system.

Data map: Zhou Qi.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Chang

  A big reason why Ding Yan Yuhang’s return to Shandong is so ugly is that his contract before going abroad was an old contract, and now the CBA League has begun to implement a brand new standard contract, the contract classification is more transparent, and the appearance of the salary cap is even more correct. The income of top players like him is relatively large.

  If the future CBA league can form a scientific and reasonable salary cap system that can continuously adjust with the league’s revenue and expenditure, it will also greatly reduce the entanglement of all parties with "money" in such situations.

After all, everything should be done according to the rules.

  In addition, Ding Yan Yuhang once accused the Shandong team of failing to pay for his surgery and rehabilitation costs, and did not pay wages.

In fact, this problem has been solved in the CBA last season.

Data map: In the second game of the CBA Finals, the Liaoning team defeated the Guangdong team 115:113, and the total score between the two sides was 1:1.

The picture shows the Liaoning team Guo Ailun broke through for a layup.

Image source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  In April last year, the CBA Company United Insurance Company issued a contract protection insurance for players. According to the introduction at the time, starting from last season, the insurance company will pay the corresponding compensation if the player is unable to play due to illness or injury and meets the exemption period.

  Many of the disputes between Ding Yanyuhang and the Shandong team are "legacy issues" of the old regulations. I believe that under the new contract system, the possibility of similar situations is declining.

  In the summer of 2018, when Ding Yan Yuhang decided to put aside the honors he had obtained in CBA and the big contract he held in his hand, and decided to go outside to "look", everyone praised his courage.

Now that he has returned from an injury, his future is uncertain.

Bless Xiaoding, and also bless the Shandong Men's Basketball Team, to get out of the storm and regain the demeanor of the past.