Chinanews Client Beijing, September 15 (Bian Liqun) The Dalianers drew 1:1 with Shanghai Shenhua. The focus of the Super League battle on the evening of the 14th ended with a result of "not quenching thirst".

The famous coach Benitez failed to break the "predecessor curse" and regrettably scored a draw in the fourth match with Cui Kangxi.

This draw has also become a watershed for him to lead the team to compete for the first four roads. Although there is still hope, the situation has developed in a very unfavorable direction for them.

Long Dong (first from left)'s goal failed to bring victory to the Dalian team.

Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  In the recent rounds of competitions, the Dalian team is one of the better teams in the Super League.

From the 7th round drew with Guangzhou Evergrande, the leader of Group A, followed by victory over Group A second-place Shandong Luneng, and then beat Henan Jianye 4-0, winning the team's biggest league victory since returning to the Super League.

  In the key game that matters whether to keep the four hopes, the Dalian team drew with Jiangsu Suning 1:1.

It can be said that the 4 games before the Dalian team against Shenhua were very rich in gold.

Relying on their good performance at this stage, they emerged from the darkest moments of invincible opening six rounds. The youngest team in the Super League finally showed its competitiveness.

Peng Xinli (second from left) defends Lin Liangming (third from left).

Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  On the other hand, the recent situation of Shanghai Shenhua under Cui Kangxi's is the opposite. Recently, they have fallen into a continuous trough. This is largely related to Jin Xinyu's injury and Salavi's return to China to compete in the national team competition. In addition, there are many players in the team. The veteran enters a period of fatigue.

  However, even with all the difficulties, Shenhua still relied on a wealth of experience and tenacity to keep the draw in the previous two direct dialogues and did not fall into a disadvantageous situation of collapse.

  This time the two teams played together, it was another six-point battle involving four.

Shenhua, who is 3 points ahead of the Dalian team, can stretch the advantage to 6 points if it wins, laying a foundation for the four-point advantage.

If the Dalian team wins, then it can tie Shenhua, relying on the advantage of the win-loss relationship to overwhelm the opponent and grab the initiative in the fourth.

  Due to the principle of avoidance, Shenhua’s Qin Sheng and Zhao Mingjian missed the match against their old club. With Jin Xinyu and Shalawei out of the team, Shenhua lost nearly half of the lineup.

However, in such an extremely unfavorable situation, Shenhua was abruptly behind and evened the score at the end of the game.

Such a result, although not quenching Shenhua's thirst, is enough to keep the 3-point advantage over Dalian.

After the 11th round, the Super League A group standings.

  Because in the earlier opening game, Shenhua defeated Jianye, scored 14 points with Shenhua, and jumped to fourth place with goal difference, and Shenhua temporarily ranked fifth.

The Dalian team with 11 points ranked 6th, and Guangzhou R&F with 11 points ranked 7th due to a goal difference disadvantage.

  All four teams have the chance to compete for the top four in the group and enter the second-stage championship group.

But after this round, the three-point difference between the 4 teams has become a watershed.

This point difference is not big, but with 3 rounds left in the first stage of the league, it is not too small to say that it is small.

  In the last three rounds, Shanghai Shenhua's schedule is relatively favorable.

They will face Jiangsu Suning, who is basically locked in the top four of the group, and Guangzhou R&F, who may have no desires by then, and in the final round against Henan Jianye, who is at the bottom of Group A and is determined to have no desires.

It can be said that Shenhua has survived the most difficult part of the race, and what greets them behind is a smooth journey.

The recent departure of the Dalian team from the trough is largely due to the balance between young players and old players.

Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  In contrast, the schedule between Shenzhen Football Team and Dalian Team is slightly unfavorable, and the two teams will compete directly in the penultimate round.

If Shenhua maintains the winning rhythm, no matter what the outcome is, Dalian and Shenzhen Football will have one or two teams behind after this matchup.

  In the next round of competition, Shenzhen Football Team will face Shandong Luneng, who is eager to win, to reduce the suspicion of the outside world.

The Dalian team will compete directly with R&F, and one or two teams will be left behind after the game.

As for the final round of the game, Shenzhen Football Team will face Jiangsu Suning, who may have no desires, and Dalian People will face Guangzhou Evergrande, who has secured the top spot in the group.

  Guangzhou R&F's schedule is not so "friendly".

In addition to the next round of direct confrontation with the Dalian team, they will also face four rivals Shenhua, the final round against Shandong Luneng who may be eager to win.

Data from the Dalianers vs. Shanghai Shenhua.

In the case of double foreign aid and single foreign aid at the end of the game, Shenhua is not at a disadvantage.

Image source: Chinese Super League.

  On the whole, Shenhua's schedule is the most favorable in Group A, the Dalian team's schedule is slightly better than Shenzhen Kaisa, and Guangzhou R&F's schedule is the most unfavorable.

  Therefore, although Shenhua seems to have achieved a "not quenching thirst" draw this round, it has actually taken a good opportunity in the fourth. For Dalian and Guangzhou R&F, who have a disadvantaged schedule and lagging behind in points, they have already It's beyond the watershed of the four.

  Of course, football matches are all possible, and I also look forward to the unexpected stalemate situation in Group A after the next round of the Super League.

In this way, in a special season, fans who have watched less than 10 rounds of Super League matches can be considered to be able to get a little bit from the fierce four-game battle.