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  • Thiem-Zverev

    2-2 (2-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3)

US Open a few seconds ago

The incomprehension is great with Alexander Zverev.

The German has the tournament win close at hand, but his service lets him down when it matters.

US Open 2 minutes ago

Break Thiem (4-5)!

Zverev is unable to serve the match!

Thiem grabs his last straw, but now has to keep his own serve.

US Open 6 minutes ago

Break Zverev (3-5)!

Is this then the decision in this party?

With a few hard forehands, Zverev forces Thiem to make mistakes and the German saves the Austrian's serve.

Zverev may now serve for the game and thus the tournament win.

US Open 11 minutes ago

Game Zverev (3-4)!

Zverev regains the razor-sharp volley that we saw so often in the first two sets and makes no mistake.

It elicited another roar of emotion from the German, we are now in the decisive phase of this riveting fight.

US Open 13 minutes ago

Alexander Zverev lets out a cry of joy and yet also relief.

The German seemed to give it all away in this final, but things are going right again in the deciding fifth set.

13 minutes ago

US Open 15 minutes ago

Dominic Thiem looks after this ball as if it were his worst enemy, but the Austrian can be proud of the way he fought his way back in this final.

Can he complete the comeback, or will Zverev still take the win out of the fire?

US Open 17 minutes ago

Game Thiem (3-3)!

Thiem fights back from 0-30 and takes the game thanks to four points in a row.

Tension is mounting in New York, any mistake can now be crucial.

US Open 22 minutes ago

Game Zverev (2-3)!

Thiem disagrees, but the replay shows that Zverev's serve ends up right on the corner of the service box and so the German brings in the game with his fifteenth ace of the match.

US Open 25 minutes ago

Leaving it all on the court in this fifth and final set.


Avatar Author US Open Tennis Moment of places 01: 23 - September 14, 2020

US Open 27 minutes ago

Game Thiem (2-2)!

Not a penny in pain with Thiem, who simply comes alongside again.

Of course, fitness will play an increasingly important role, but it is also increasingly a matter of who can best control his nerves in this final.

27 minutes ago

US Open 31 minutes ago

Game Zverev (1-2)!

Contrary to Thiem, Zverev manages to get his serve after a break.

The German celebrates the maintenance of his service with a primal cry echoing through the empty stadium, which betrays that the tension is now really towards the boiling point.

US Open 35 minutes ago

Break Zverev (1-1)!

Just when you think Thiem is going to push through, Zverev straightens up again.

The German immediately breaks back and balances the score.

That shows a strong mentality at Zverev, who will kick himself if he does not win this final.

US Open 37 minutes ago

While the clock indicates that the players have now been on the court for three hours, it becomes clear that we will continue for a while.

Thiem uses a fresh roll of tape around his handle and a clean shirt.


New grip, new shirt, new match.

@ThiemDomi |



Author: US Open TennisMoment of places: 01: 14-14 September 2020

US Open 40 minutes ago

Break Thiem!


Zverev has lost it completely and immediately hands in his service in the opening game of the deciding fifth set.

Here's one of the biggest comebacks in tennis history in the making, provided Thiem can hold the momentum.

US Open 41 minutes ago

The figures show that Thiem has not started to play much more attacking in the fourth set, but especially knows how to drastically limit his burden of errors.

Fourth Set Thiem-Zverev

Aces: 1-2



: 0-1

First Service Percentage: 45-52

Winners: 8-6



: 2-12

Breaks: 1-0

41 minutes ago

US Open one hour ago

Set Thiem!

It is hard to believe, but this finale is completely in balance after Thiem ends the fourth set with a love game.

US Open one hour ago

Break Thiem (5-3)!

With a double fault, Zverev gives Thiem a breaking point and the Austrian uses that gratefully.

If Thiem now keeps his service game, it will be completely equal again in sets and a decisive set must be involved.

US Open one hour ago

More and more often we see the clenched fist of Dominic Thiem, who is far from giving up the fight.

US Open one hour ago

Game Thiem (4-3)!

As difficult as his servicings went in the first two sets, they are now so easy for Thiem.

Once again Zverev does not get a chance for a break and the pressure is on the German to equalize the score again.

US Open one hour ago

It didn't look like it at all in the first two sets, but if Thiem manages to win the fourth set, we will still have an exciting final at Flushing Meadows.

Is the stage set for another classic #USOpen final?


Author US Open Tennis Moment of places 00:50 - 14 September 2020

an hour ago

US Open one hour ago

Game Zverev (3-3)!

Zverev has to work harder and harder for it, but stays in the footsteps of Thiem in the fourth set.

The Austrian misses two chances of breaking and sees the German coming alongside again.

US Open one hour ago

A somewhat bewildered look at Alexander Zverev.

The German was well on his way to his first Grand Slam title and still has the best papers for that, but the momentum now seems to lie with opponent Dominic Thiem.

US Open one hour ago

Game Thiem (3-2)!

Thiem squeezes another lovegame out.

The Austrian gets his servicings much easier than at the beginning of the match and is slowly but surely starting to turn it into a real final.

US Open one hour ago

Game Zverev (2-2)!

This storage turn also goes to Zverev without any problems.

We haven't had a single deuce in the fourth set, let alone seen break chances.

US Open one hour ago

Game Thiem (2-1)!

To indicate the progression with Thiem, this is the first time that he keeps his second serve in a set.

So now he doesn't have to chase and can focus on putting pressure on Zverev, whose head may already start to grind that he is letting this finale slip out of his hands.

an hour ago

US Open one hour ago

Game Zverev (1-1)!

Zverev's service is still running smoothly, the German is now in double digits (twelve) when it comes to aces.

However, as soon as his first serve is not in, he faces strong resistance from Thiem in the rallies.

US Open one hour ago

The decisive point in set three, with which Thiem halves his deficit and keeps the hopes for his first Grand Slam title alive.


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Dominic Thiem is not yet ready in this match and takes the third set 💪Watch LIVE on Eurosport 1 and here:


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US Open one hour ago

Game Thiem (1-0)!

Like every set so far, Thiem also starts the fourth act with the win in the opening game.

That goes very smoothly with a love game.

US Open one hour ago

Alexander Zverev's footwork is significantly less than in the first two sets.

The German increasingly has to make every effort to return the ball.

Is it because he is getting tired, or is it because Dominic Thiem is getting more and more accurate in his strokes?

US Open one hour ago

The statistics associated with set three, which show that Thiem has started to play a little less sloppy.

Third Set Thiem-Zverev

Aces: 1-4

Double Faults: 1-4

First Service Percentage: 74-65

Winners: 9-5

Unnecessary Fouls: 15-12

Breaks: 2-1

US Open one hour ago

Set Thiem!

A sloppy service game immediately costs Zverev the third set.

Thiem still doesn't play great, but knows how to limit his error burden a bit more.

The Austrian has fought his way back into the party, although he still has a tough assignment ahead of him.

US Open 2 hours ago

It lasts until the third set, but then we finally get to see something that looks like a battle.

Locked in a battle in this third set.


Author: US Open TennisMoment of places00: 03 - 14 September 2020

US Open 2 hours ago

Game Thiem (5-4)!

The Austrian is saved by a successful challenge, which puts him 40-30 ahead instead of conceding a breakpoint and dragging into the game moments later.

If he can disrupt Zverev's service in the coming game, he just takes the third set.

US Open 2 hours ago

Game Zverev (4-4)!

It is not the easiest serve for the German, but he does bring it in.

The pressure is now completely on Thiem, who must maintain his next service.

US Open 2 hours ago

Dominic Thiem boosts herself again.

The Austrian leads 4-3 in the third set and gets into the game a bit better.

The question is whether it will not be too late.

US Open 2 hours ago

Game Thiem (4-3)!

It is still difficult for Thiem, but he already plays a lot better than in the first two sets and that is a start.

However, if he wants to keep a chance in this final, he will also have to take the service from Zverev one more time.

US Open 2 hours ago

Good news in the meantime from the US Open tournament for players in a wheelchair.

The Dutchman Sam Schröder beats the first seeded Dylan Ascott in the final (7-6, 0-6 and 6-4) and takes the title for the first time in New York.

US Open 2 hours ago

Game Zverev (3-3)!

Zverev is not put off by handing in the break and comes alongside without significant problems.

We are slowly but surely entering the decisive phase of the third set, which can also turn out to be the decisive one of the game.

US Open 2 hours ago

Game Thiem (3-2)!

Thiem has the rebreak followed by a love game on his own service and is ahead for the first time in the match after the first game.

US Open 2 hours ago

Break Thiem (2-2)!

Nice example of resilience from Thiem, who breaks back and keeps himself in the party.

He is unlucky at first that the Hawkeye system shows that he hits a ball a few millimeters behind the line at the first breaking point, but it hits the third chance.

US Open 2 hours ago

It is that due to the corona measures there is no public, otherwise it would have wondered whether the tickets were worth the money.

The US Open final has been a very one-sided affair so far, Zverev seems to be making short work of Thiem.

US Open 2 hours ago

Set 1 ✅Set 2 ✅Break in the 3rd ✅ @AlexZverev is a man on a mission.



Avatar Author US Open Tennis Moment of places 23: 51 - September 13, 2020

US Open 2 hours ago

The despondency and frustration begin to become more and more visible with Dominic Thiem.

It also threatens to fail for the Austrian in his fourth Grand Slam final.

US Open 2 hours ago

Break Zverev (1-2)!

Once again, Zverev breaks through Thiem's ​​service in the third game.

The Austrian still manages to come back from 15-40, but is sloridg again at the crucial moment and has to hand over the game to the German, who already holds the cup with one hand.

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