Leonardo and Tuchel did not digest the defeat of PSG against OM on Sunday night.



From our special correspondent at the Parc des Princes,

There are evenings like this when it is better to be very small.

However, after the sad spectacle offered by Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday night against OM, both from a sporting and behavioral point of view, Leonardo rushed to the microphone of the Téléfoot channel to say all the wrong that he was thinking of the evening arbitration.

“The referee was unfortunately completely out of control.

He lost his peace from the start of the match.

I don't understand why for a match like that, you don't have Turpin or Buquet [as referee].

Why ?

Why are we going to choose a 34-year-old referee who has only made one Europa League match and one League Cup final, ours two months ago, and who does not have the experience for a match like that?

“Asked the sports director of PSG, pointing to the inexperience of Jérôme Brisard.

Yes the referee is at fault, #tuchel also has its share of responsibility.

But the attitude and the disrespect of some star players of the team is to vomit.

To finish Mr #Leonardo, you shouldn't change everything about the state of mind and the mentality of this club?

- Marc Libbra (@marclibbra) September 13, 2020

Is Leonardo doing too much?

Let's face it, we clearly did not witness an irreproachable referee performance on Sunday night and many decisions left us perplexed: Thauvin's goal granted while the Marseillais seemed well and truly offside, Benedetto's goal refused for a non-existent offside by the same FloTov, cards distributed when it would surely have been necessary to abstain and others which should have gone out and which were not.

In short, it was neither the evening of Jérôme Brisard nor that of the VAR.

But in view of the overall performance of the Paris Saint-Germain players, who came out of their match on their own like grown-ups, one would tend to think that a little discretion on the part of Leonardo after the meeting would not have helped. harm anyone.

And if the referees have indeed taken contentious decisions at times, as we have said, we must also admit to their defense that the execrable behavior of the players at the end of the match would have made the task difficult for any of their colleagues, as experienced as they are.

Usually so skillful from a communication point of view, Leonardo therefore seems to have the wrong enemy on Sunday when taking stock of this poor Championship Classic.

For Tuchel, PSG "made a great match"

Problem for the image of PSG, he was not the only one to hold a speech surprising to say the least.

In his style, Thomas Tuchel also made some eyes widen when, in the auditorium of the Parc des Princes, and while the general fight at the end of the match was still in everyone's mind, he praised the performance of its players.

I want a coach to protect his group in the face of the media, but taking your players in the mouth with love, facing the camera, it's a little embarrassing after such a performance.


- Mathieu Faure (@matfaure) September 13, 2020

" I'm not angry.

In my opinion, you have to separate performance and result.

[…] We had a great match, I'm happy with the quality, the mentality (sic) and the effort, he said.

I told the players that if we continued to play like that, we would win all the matches (…) Offensively, we are a bit unlucky, but the statistics of the match are exceptional.

It was a great performance but the result is what it is. It's bad luck, that's clear ”.

With players in lack of form (Neymar and Di Maria), another who has just arrived at the club (Florenzi) and a team still in break-in, PSG have indeed delivered a first half hour of quality - even if opportunities were scarce - and the Marseillais can thank Mandanda, author of two precious rescues at the start of the second half.

However, the global copy made by the Parisians did not have enough to raise the curtain the rare supporters present at the Park on Sunday.

No, definitely, there was nothing going on Sunday night.


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