Rugby Toshiba general practice resumed Reach player "good start" September 14, 20:55

Rugby and top league Toshiba refrained from team practice due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and then resumed overall practice for the first time. I ran out. "

The top league of rugby, which started in January, was terminated in the middle of the season due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the Japanese national team also announced that they would give up their activities within the year.

Against this backdrop, Toshiba, which is based in Fuchu, Tokyo, has resumed overall practice for the first time since it refrained from team practice in April in preparation for the top league, which will start again in January next year.

The practice was carried out thoroughly to prevent infection, such as measuring the temperature of athletes, restricting the use of locker rooms, and separating bottles for hydration for each athlete.

In the actual battle-style practice, Japan national team Yoshitaka Tokunaga showed a quick pass and confirmed the coordination of the attacks.

On the other hand, Reach, who is the captain of the Japanese national team, revealed that he had undergone surgery on multiple parts of his body that had been injured during the self-restraint period, and adjusted it with a separate menu.

Reach said, "Last year's condition was about 60%, but after undergoing several surgeries, I think we can play with the opening close to 100%. The team was able to practice with high quality, and we are heading towards the opening. We got off to a good start. "

In the top league, more than half of the 16 teams have resumed team practice, and Toshiba wants to start practice games around the end of November.