The execution of the Iranian Greco-Roman fighter Navid Afkari caused a wide resonance around the world.

The Iranian authorities, despite numerous requests to carry out the death sentence, have been criticized by the sports community, activists, as well as politicians.

Many sports organizations have expressed regret over the incident.

There were also those who called for active action in response to the murder of Afkari.

Thus, the international association of athletes Global Athlete, advocating for positive changes in the world of sports, turned to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United World of Wrestling (UWW).

The organization demanded to exclude Iran from participation in the competition.

“We appeal to the solidarity of athletes and ask the IOC and UWW to immediately apply sanctions and exclude Iran from world sports in connection with this monstrous execution.

Such actions on the part of the country's authorities are a clear violation of human rights, and they must not go unpunished.

The state that executed the athlete does not deserve to be represented in international competitions, ”says Global Athlete.

It is worth noting that the IOC has already expressed condolences in connection with the execution of Afkari.

Earlier, the organization also tried to do everything possible to cancel the death sentence.

It is not yet known whether there will be a response to the Global Athlete's demand, but it is expected that this issue will be discussed at the upcoming UWW meeting.

“We are deeply saddened that the calls of athletes around the world, as well as the joint work of UWW, the Iranian Wrestling Federation, the IOC and the Iranian National Olympic Committee, did not bear fruit.

We are devastated after this news, and the entire wrestling community mourns his death, ”the organization said.

Another sports community reacted to the incident - the World Players Association (WPA), which, even before the execution, proposed to impose sanctions against Iranian sports.

Its president, Brendan Schwab, assured that Afkari's death would not be in vain, but would only unite athletes in the fight for human rights.

“The shocking injustice against Navid has sparked a wave of support from courageous human rights activists in sports.

Unfortunately, the Iranian regime took his life anyway.

Afkari has been targeted because of his success and popularity as an athlete, and his brutality has become a model for terrorizing citizens and intimidating dissidents.

Now we must unite as a token of memory of him, and so that others do not suffer his fate, ”Shvab quotes Inside the Games.

US President Donald Trump stood up for the fighter.

He urged the authorities not to execute the athlete after the head of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) Dana White turned to him for help.

“Unfortunately, I was not very shocked that the sentence was carried out.

Called Trump and told him about this situation.

He said he would see what he could do.

He did something not on the public plane, I know that he was trying to help.

I heard that the Afkari case was covered by large TV channels, many people in Europe and the Middle East wrote about it.

There were other influential people who tried to help, but ... It's sad.

I was trying to help, "White said at a press conference after UFC Fight Night 177 in Las Vegas.

- danawhite (@danawhite) September 13, 2020

Lightweight representative Bobby Green also took the information about Afkari's death extremely emotionally.

He learned about what happened after defeating Brazilian Alan Patrick in Las Vegas.

The MMA fighter first admitted that this news "broke his heart", and then completely refused to answer journalists' questions.

“I thought we could save him.

Was he just executed?

It knocked me down.

Someone lost their lives for participating in the protests.

I'm confused.

I have nothing to say.

That guy died.

I just don't even want to talk.

It is very sad.

I can't talk about the fight.

Thank you and sorry, ”Green said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo conveyed his condolences to the family and friends of the wrestler.

He called the execution "a vile and cruel act."

We will remind, Afkari was sentenced to two deaths for the murder of security officer of the water supply company Hassan Turkman, as well as for participating in anti-government protests in 2018.

The athlete admitted his guilt, although his relatives insisted that this was done under torture.

This was also mentioned in the audio recording of his last words, which came to the disposal of human rights organizations and the media.

On September 12, the verdict was enacted.