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  • Thiem-Zverev

    0-2 (2-6, 4-6)

US Open a few seconds ago

Game Zverev (1-1)!

Thiem has still not found an answer to the strong service of Zverev, who is his biggest opponent on his own service.

If the German can maintain concentration, his first Grand Slam victory will be within reach.

a few seconds ago

US Open 2 minutes ago

Game Thiem (1-0)!

For the third set in a row, Thiem takes the first game.

In the first two sets, however, he had to leave the next five to Zverev, he will now want to do that differently.

US Open 5 minutes ago

The statistics are a bit more balanced in the second set, but that is mainly due to Zverev's short breakdown.

Second Set Thiem-Zverev

Aces: 3-2

Double Faults: 2-5

First Service Percentage: 68-64

Winners: 8-5



: 13-14

Breaks: 1-2

US Open 9 minutes ago

Set Zverev!

The German is back on track in time, after Thiem returns from 5-1 to 5-4.

However, the Austrian cannot prevent Zverev from serving the set for a second time and faces a huge catch-up if he wants to take the cup home.

US Open 13 minutes ago

Is this just a minor breakdown of Zverev or are we talking about an hour or two from the tipping point in this party?

From 1-5 ➡️ 4-5 👀Dominic Thiem is still fighting in the second set.



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US Open 14 minutes ago

Game Thiem (4-5)!

Did the missed set points cause a loss of concentration at Zverev?

Thiem also delivers a lovegame once and keeps himself alive in the second set.

For the second time, Zverev is allowed to serve to bring in the second company.

This time it is advisable for the German to omit the tricks and show tennis.

14 minutes ago

US Open 23 minutes ago

Game Thiem (2-5)!

Zverev gets no less than three set points on the service from Thiem, but she barely manages to get rid of them all and avert the set win for the German.

However, it seems only a postponement of execution, the Austrian has not yet been able to turn the tide.

US Open 29 minutes ago

Game Zverev (1-5)!

With another dominant storage turn, Zverev steams fast towards the set win.

Once again, Thiem comes to just one small point in the German's service game.

US Open 32 minutes ago

It really doesn't work for Thiem, who is trumped by Zverev on all fronts and plays very sloppy.


🎾🇺🇸 |

It is not going well for Dominic Thiem yet!

Alexander Zverev takes a 4-1 lead in the second set!

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US Open 33 minutes ago

Break Zverev (1-4)!

What's the matter with Dominic Thiem?

The Austrian seems to have chosen the final to play his by far worst match of the tournament.

Just like in the first set, Zverev comes for a double break and unless a miracle happens, the German will soon be off with the second set.

US Open 37 minutes ago

Game Zverev (1-3)!

Thiem actually struggles somewhat against Zverev's service, who nevertheless retains his serve after three times deuce and cashes in on the break of just now.

37 minutes ago

US Open 44 minutes ago

Break Zverev (1-2)!

The second set is an exact copy of the first for now.

Zverev has firm control over Thiem, who makes a distraught impression.

The German has already taken the first break of the second set.

As Zverev's service runs, we can say that Thiem has a very big problem.

US Open one hour ago

Game Zverev (1-1)!

Partly thanks to his fifth ace, Zverev has another lovegame noted.

Thiem has to come up with something very quickly to counter the German's mighty serve.

US Open one hour ago

Game Thiem (1-0)!

The first game of the second set is also difficult for Thiem, who needs eight minutes to bring in his serve.

US Open one hour ago

The difference between the players is mainly in the service, the figures show.

First set of Thiem-Zverev

Aces: 1-4

Double faults: 3-1

First service percentage: 37-68

Winners: 8-16

Unnecessary faults: 8-6

Breaks: 0-2

US Open one hour ago

Set Zverev!

In half an hour the formidable serving German took the first set 6-2.

In style, he finishes the first act with an ace against Thiem, who is not yet a shadow of the player who rolled so dominantly through the tournament.

an hour ago

US Open one hour ago

An excellent start for Alexander Zverev.

He's come out firing.


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US Open one hour ago

Break Zverev (2-5)!

Thiem hits his first ace, but also produces two double faults and is partly because of this broken again by Zverev, who can now serve for the win in the first set.

US Open one hour ago

Game Zverev (2-4)!

Another lovegame for the German, who is supreme on his service.

Thiem has only made one point on the service of the German, who has also hit three aces.

US Open one hour ago

A grim look on the face of Alexander Zverev, who starts extremely aggressively in this US Open final and for the time being is much easier to bring in his serve than Dominic Thiem.

US Open one hour ago

Game Thiem (2-3)!

It is all a bit difficult for Thiem, who has to fight back from 0-30 and only brings in the game from deuce.

However, he is still facing a break behind.

an hour ago

US Open one hour ago

Game Zverev (1-3)!

A break is only a break if you keep your own service.

Zverev does that with verve, on 'love' he gets his serve and therefore makes a hole.

US Open one hour ago

Dominic Thiem keeps his eye on the ball, but cannot prevent Alexander Zverev from making the first break of the match in the third game.

So there is work to be done for the Austrian.

US Open one hour ago

Break Zverev (1-2)!

Partly due to an unnecessary forehand foul, Thiem has to allow two breakpoints.

The Austrian still eliminates the first chance of breaking, but the second is a hit for Zverev, who therefore delivers the first tap in this final.

US Open one hour ago

Let's do this.


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US Open one hour ago

The first real change of strokes of this final.

Zverev finishes it off with a razor-sharp and well-timed volley.

0-15 for the German on the service from Thiem.

US Open one hour ago

Game Zverev (1-1)!

Zverev also starts energetically and gives his opponent no chance in his first service turn.

US Open one hour ago

Game Thiem (1-0)!

No stage fright at Thiem, who has no trouble at all to win his first serve.

US Open one hour ago

The US Open final between Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev has begun!

The Austrian can start serving.

US Open one hour ago

Dominic Thiem threw his right arm loose in the tunnel.


Final preparations.

@ThiemDomi I #USOpen


Avatar Author US Open TennisMoment of places22: 07 - 13 September 2020

US Open one hour ago

Thiem and Zverev are warming themselves up, the final will start in a few moments.

US Open 2 hours ago

It takes some getting used to, a Grand Slam final without Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

In case you're wondering where the 'Big Three' got to,

Federer will

miss the rest of the year as he recovers from a knee injury.

Due to the corona pandemic,


decided not to travel to New York to defend his title.


was present in New York, but was disqualified in the eighth finals against Pablo Carreño Busta for hitting a line judge after hitting a ball in frustration.

US Open 2 hours ago

Thiem has already played three Grand Slam finals, but never without an audience.

No spectators are welcome at the final battle in New York because of the corona measures.

"It is different from all other times, it is a strange situation. In Australia it was a very exciting game, I expect that again today. Hopefully we can make it a great match again. May the best one win."

US Open 2 hours ago

"I am very happy to be here, this will be my toughest match ever", said Zverev in the short interview before the final.

"I have to start better than in the previous matches, getting behind Dominic will be very difficult."

US Open 2 hours ago

Who will win the US Open?

  • Dominic Thiem

  • Alexander Zverev

US Open 2 hours ago

After years of rule by Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, we can now perhaps speak of a changing of the guard.

Now that the final in New York is between Thiem (1993) and Zverev (1997), a Grand Slam is won for the first time by a player born in the 1990s.

23-year-old Zverev could become the youngest US Open winner since 2009, when 20-year-old Juan Martín del Potro took the title.

US Open 2 hours ago

Alexander Zverev's passport

Age: 23

Country: Germany

World ranking place: 7

ATP titles: 11

Road to the final

1R: Kevin Anderson (3-1)

2R: Brandon Nakashima (3-1)

3R: Adrian Mannarino (3-1)

4R : Alejandro Davidovich Fokina (3-0)

KF: Borna Coric (3-1)

HF: Pablo Carreño Busta (3-2

US Open 2 hours ago

Passport Dominic Thiem

Age: 27

Country: Austria

Place of world ranking: 3

ATP titles: 16

Road to the final

1R: Jaume Minar (2-0,



2R: Sumit Nagal (3-0)

3R: Marin Cilic (3-1 )

4R: Felix Auger-Aliassimé (3-0)

KF: Alex de Minaur (3-0)

HF: Dimitri Medvedev (3-0)

US Open 2 hours ago

The mutual result between Thiem and Zverev is quite in favor of the Austrian.

Thiem won seven of the nine meetings at the highest level.

The last time they faced each other was in the semi-finals of the Australian Open earlier this year.

Thiem then blocked Zverev's way to the final battle by winning 3-1 in sets.

US Open 2 hours ago

Dominic Thiem already knows what it is like to play a Grand Slam final, as he did three times before.

However, the Roland Garros finals (2018 and 2019) and the Australian Open (2020) were all lost, so the 27-year-old Austrian will be eager to finally take the overall victory.

US Open 2 hours ago

Despite his youthful age (the German is only 23), Alexander Zverev has been counted among the world top for years, but strangely enough, he will only be in a Grand Slam final for the first time this year in New York.

Previously, he never made it past the third round at the US Open.

US Open 3 hours ago

Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev will start the final of the US Open in 45 minutes.

It is the first time since 2016 that a Grand Slam title has gone to someone other than Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer.

The last player to keep the 'Big Three' of the overall win in any of the four major tournaments was Stan Wawrinka.

Four years ago he won the US Open by winning against Djokovic in the final.

A final that is played without Djokovic, Nadal or Federer at all is a little longer ago.

That was also in 2016, when the Wimbledon final was between Andy Murray and Milos Raonic.

US Open 14 hours ago

Historic men's singles final

Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev hope to win a Grand Slam tournament for the first time in their career tonight.

But the US Open final can already be called historic in advance.

For the first time since 2016, there are two players in a Grand Slam final who do not belong to 'The Big Three' (Nadal, Federer, Djokovic).

It is also established that a Grand Slam tournament will be won for the first time by someone born in the 90s.

At 23 years and 146 days, Zverev can become the youngest winner since Juan Martín del Potro captured the US Open title in 2009 at the age of 20.

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