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What if a Rugby World Cup takes place in the United States?

American rugby players announced on September 11 a study to determine whether the country is able to organize this sporting event.

The USA Rugby federation plans to present its project in February at World Rugby.

Specialty group of American rugby stakeholders to support Rugby World Cup feasibility study.


- USA Rugby (@USARugby) September 11, 2020

Take stock of the stadiums

This study, which will last until the end of 2020, will concern the stadium sites.

It will involve sports commissions and municipal authorities to establish a review of technical requirements, financial considerations and business prospects.

“Although preliminary, a study of this nature will need to ensure due diligence at every step of the way,” USA Rugby general manager Ross Young said.

“This group of stakeholders has in mind the interests of American rugby.

This report will allow for more productive discussions with World Rugby early next year, before possibly continuing the bid process, ”he added.

USA Rugby, which emerged from bankruptcy due to the coronavirus on September 1, has ensured that it has no financial obligation to the study which will first be presented to its board of directors.

A dialogue phase can then begin with World Rugby, which must award the 2027 and 2031 World Cups at the same time.

The application deadlines are January 2022. The Women's Rugby World Cups in 2025 and 2029 are also at stake.

World Cup and Olympic Games

The United States, Mexico and Canada must jointly organize the World Cup-2026 and Los Angeles will be the host city of the Olympic Games in 2028. Sponsorship funds could therefore prove easier to collect for a rugby candidacy in 2031.


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