Korean football'Ace' Son Heung-min was controversial that he suffered racism from the media.

The trailer video of the documentary "All or Nothing: Tottenham" released by a global online video company, Amazon Prime Video, became a problem.

The media produced a preview video of Son Heung-min and Joris goalkeeper's locker room arguments ahead of the release of the final 3 episodes (7, 8, 9) of the documentary series.

This happened last season against Everton. The scene in the video where Joris pointed out to join Son Heung-min had English subtitles, but only the subtitled'shouting' when Son Heung-min spoke to Joris. .

In this trailer video posted on YouTube, there were many criticisms such as, "Does it make sense to add English subtitles to French-speaking Westerners, and to treat English-speaking Asians only with'shouts'?" Ran.

It is pointed out that it is racism mixed with the prejudice that'Asians don't speak English well'.

Prior to this, Spain's leading media'AS' is being criticized for portraying Lee Kang-in as'a torn eye'.

The gesture of tearing your eyes is said to be an act of demeaning Asians.

Asth described the prospect of La Liga as a caricature on a paper cover on the 11th.

Of the eight players on the cover, only two of the eight players, Lee Kang-in and Villarreal's Japanese promising Takefusa Kubo, were drawn with eyes torn.

(Photo=Amazon Prime video'All or nothing' trailer, Yonhap News)