Angels Otani Major League Baseball 3rd year first pinch runner September 13 14:28

On the 12th, Shohei Ohtani of the Angels participated in the 11th extension of the Rockies game as a substitute runner for the first time in the third year of the Major League Baseball.

On the 12th, Otani got off the starting lineup and started on the bench in the match against the Rockies in Denver, Colorado.

Otani participated as a substitute runner for the second base runner in the tiebreaker that was held from the no-out second base in the 11th inning, which was tied with 2 to 2.

This is my first time to participate in a pinch runner in the third year of Major League Baseball.

After that, Otani stepped on the winning home in the following batter's three-run home run in the scene where it became 2 outs 1st base and 2nd base.

Angels led three points this time.

Otani went down to the bench from the back defense and did not stand at bat.

The match was won by Angels 5-2.