The entire German national team of amateur boxers tested positive for the corona virus in the training camp in Längenfeld, Austria.

First, the

mirror had

reported a proven infection in 18 athletes and seven coaches and supervisors.

Sports director Michael Müller had confirmed this.

However, there are no serious cases.

"Some had mild symptoms like a sore throat, and some had nothing," he said.

The Austrian authorities spoke of a total of 26 infected people in connection with a German sports group.

According to


some of the athletes and contact persons had cold symptoms on Tuesday.

The corona virus was then detected in tests.

The authorities have ordered a ten-day quarantine for all those who tested positive and their close contact persons.

The training camp should have ended this Saturday.

According to Müller, the athletes would continue to train, which, according to the

Spiegel, is


After returning home, the athletes should be thoroughly examined at the Olympic and federal bases before they can continue their preparation for the international Cologne Cup.

Infected numbers in Austria are rising again

"We have our own hotel wing, our own dining room, our own side entrance. The boxers only trained together," said Müller, who left earlier.

He was tested in Germany with a negative result.

"Now I am in voluntary isolation and will be tested again in the next week," said the sports director.

Footballers from Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 were also accommodated in the same hotel as the boxing team.

According to media reports, there had also been a corona case here.

A test match planned for the end of August was therefore canceled.

The two coronavirus tests that the boxing team had to complete prior to their arrival gave only negative results.

The authorities have already asked all people who have been in certain supermarkets, restaurants and bars in and near Längenfeld in the past week to check their health.

In all of Austria, the number of infected people has been rising again for some time.