After last week's euphoria at Monza, Pierre Gasly was down on Saturday.

The AlphaTauri driver did not get further than sixteenth place in a messy qualifying.

"I am very frustrated because at the most important moment of the weekend it just didn't go perfectly," Gasly said after qualifying on the Formula 1 website. Last week he won a Grand Prix for the first time in his career.

Six days later, Gasly fell hard from his pink cloud, because Q1 was already his final station at Mugello.

The differences were small: the Frenchman was only four hundredths short of Sebastian Vettel's fifteenth time.

"In both my fast laps I ended up with an empty battery 300 meters before the finish line. That took me more than a tenth of a second", Gasly reflected.


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Gasly in training still fast

Earlier this weekend, it didn't look like Gasly would be stranded in Q1.

In the free practice sessions he drove twice the fifth and once the eighth time.

"The practices went very well. Before qualifying, we made some minor adjustments to the car, which did not work out well. Still we should have been able to make it to Q2," said the 24-year-old driver.

A catch-up race awaits him on Sunday to be able to grab more World Cup points.

"I'm sure we will be faster in the race than today. But we also knew qualifying would be very important, because overtaking is difficult on this track."

"We will have to devise a different strategy," Gasly continued.

"If we can then show the speed of earlier this weekend again, it could be something."

The Grand Prix of Tuscany with Lewis Hamilton in pole position starts on Sunday at 3.10 p.m.

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