- What impression did the match between Medvedev and Tim make on you?

- Tim played very well, just unrealistic.

In general, the level of the game was extremely high, the density of blows was off scale.

All the time one hits the "nine", and the other from there plays even better at someone else's "nine".

How Tim withstood all this pressure, reached the ball, practiced on the court - it was phenomenal.

- How can you assess Medvedev's performance in the semifinals?

- He fought to the end, served for the set, the chances were excellent.

But I think Tim played amazing first and foremost, especially on the serve.

Remember how in one of the games he did not allow Medvedev to realize five break points.

Tim was good at giving the outgoing ball to his left hand, Daniel could not cope with this technique.

- Could Medvedev have added something to develop the game?

- It seems to me that his match already corresponded to the status of the US Open final, especially against the background of the first semifinal with Alexander Zverev and Pablo Carreno-Busta.

Zverev, for example, had a lot of unforced and double mistakes, and Tim and Medvedev moved with such ease that the German tennis player did not show at all, except in the fifth set.

On the whole, Medvedev is great, he fought to the end.

- In the first set there was an unpleasant episode when Medvedev began to argue with the judge over a challenge ...

- I didn't understand his decision to score the ball and give Tim a point.

Danya filed, after which he just got up and did not play.

Yes, he hit the ball, but just in his direction.

I see no logic in the judge's action.

I would also like to ask the supervisor the same question that Daniel asked: "What are you doing here?"

It happens that the judge makes a mistake, and the supervisor corrects him.

Perhaps Daniel really didn't need to play, but he just stopped right after the serve.

Of course, after that, he simply could not play the set further.

- Could Medvedev's final performance be influenced by a too light grid?

In fact, Andrei Rublev was the only worthy rival before Tim ...

- It was easy because Daniel plays great himself.

The same can be said for Tim.

After all, he just beat Felix Auger-Alyassim in the fourth round, and then beat Alex De Minor.

In theory, Tim had to go out and fight, and he defeated them crushingly.

Medvedev was also in excellent shape, did not lose a single set.

- For Medvedev, participation in the US Open semifinals is a success, or, given that he himself went further, and there were not many strong rivals, is relegation at this stage a failure for him?

- In the situation the players are in, it is a success that tournaments are held at all.

The last six months have been lost for everyone, for the whole sport.

Although tennis players trained every day for four to five hours, no one could wait for something in the future.

Here is the answer to the question.

- What do you expect from the final match with Tim and Zverev?

Who will be the favorite?

- It will be hard for Zverev if he continues to play the same way as with Borna Coric and Carreno Busta, when he was always one step away from relegation.

Tim is a player of a completely different level, judging by what he shows on the court.

I think that he should be the one to win his first Grand Slam tournament.

- Tim has already lost three major finals, can this somehow affect him psychologically?

- Do you remember how and to whom he lost.

Twice I myself saw live how he played with Rafael Nadal at the Roland Garros.

Last year, in the semifinals, Tim arranged such a marathon with Novak Djokovic that after that it was still not easy to play with Nadal.

And even then there was a struggle in the first two sets, and then Tim was simply tired.

In the Australian Open finals, the Austrian played with Djokovic, and there were also good chances.

In general, I think that he already has enough experience of defeats, and this time he will win.

- How would you rate Vera Zvonareva's victory in the doubles tournament?

- She has always been a great player both alone and in pairs.

I remember how ten years ago Zvonareva, together with Elena Vesnina, beat the Williams sisters at Wimbledon.

It was such a sensation, in London, American women were simply demolished.

In the final, unfortunately, Zvonareva and Vesnina lost, but then Vera had to play with Serena in the final of the singles tournament on the same day.

It wasn't quite right then to play two matches at once.

Vera is now very much helped by her partner, Laura Siegemund.

She knows how to do everything - to make a pitch, and play from the summer, and shorten, and cut.

I really like the German woman, she is incredibly talented.

Zvonareva and Siegemund seem to me a very promising couple, they can still do something in other tournaments.

- The girls teamed up right before the US Open, they had never played together before.

Were you surprised that they ended up winning the title together?

- Their victory showed how they understand and feel each other.

In the future, they will be a very good couple, although Vera is no longer a girl, she is 36 years old.

But, I think, for two or three years it will still shine.