On September 11, the Dianshan Dongxiwang Basketball Club’s official Weibo released the "Statement on Ding Yanyuhang’s Open Letter" on September 11, stating that Ding Yanyuhang’s open letter on the 10th was inconsistent with facts, causing fans Misleading.

  The Shandong men’s basketball team said that after receiving the club’s maximum salary renewal email, Ding Yanyuhang told the club’s senior WeChat that “the contract has expired and terminated.” His agency team once expressed Ding Yanyuhang’s wish to leave the Shandong team and join other clubs.

In addition, with regard to the out-of-pocket cost of 2 million treatment, the club had hoped that he would return to the team for a physical examination, but he avoided it and never explained the specific injury and treatment plan to the club.

  The Shandong team also stated in a statement that in the past two years, Ding Yanyuhang played for the Dallas Mavericks team and should be paid by the team. Shandong only handled the CBA pre-registration procedures for Ding Yanyuhang and retained the qualifications for the CBA.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

  Ding Yan Yuhang sent a long post on his birthday on September 10, stating that his contract with Shandong Men's Basketball Team has expired.

He also revealed that in the more than 800 days he was away from the stadium, he underwent surgery and postoperative rehabilitation twice at a cost of about 2 million yuan, and Shanxiwang Basketball Club did not bear any expenses.

In two years, he did not receive any wages from Xiwang.

  Ding Yan Yuhang said: "To be honest, I feel a little bit cold and feel abandoned." (End)