On Monday, the women's national team gathers for the upcoming European Championship qualifiers.

It turned out as feared, goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl is over.

- The medical examination carried out in Hedvig's club team, Atlético Madrid, showed that she had sustained an injury to the meniscus that needed to be repaired with an operation.

The operation was performed in Madrid during the day and the medical team in Atlético Madrid announces that the operation has gone well.

Hedvig will now begin her postoperative rehabilitation and we look forward to her recovery, says national team doctor Houman Ebrahimi in a press release from the Swedish Football Association.

Double meeting against Iceland

Sweden will play its fourth match in the European Championship qualifier next Thursday, September 17, when Hungary visits Nya ullevi.

Then you meet Iceland away on 22 September.

The last two matches in Group F, which Sweden is currently leading on goal difference before Iceland, will be played at the end of October.

Then you meet Latvia and Iceland at home.

Now it is primarily Gothenburg's Jennifer Falk and Zecira Musovic, Rosengård, who are tampas about the goalkeeper position.

KLIPP: Lindahl's fine goalkeeping game did not help (12 August 2020)

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Hedvig Lindahl's Atletico Madrid lost to Barcelona.

Photo: TT / Bildbyrån